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Hi everyone

Hi eveyone Im Claire brand new to this site found it today,so gonna spend the next few days reading thorugh as many threads as I can..lol
A lil bit about me..
Im 34 and have been overweight the last 10 yrs,I have 2 lil boys 2 and 3 .My weight crept up on me over the yrs the final straw having my 2 boys,being at home all day with the fridge in easy reach and no will power.
At my heaviest I was 17st,I lost 1st at the start of last yr.Sept last yr I joined slimming world and lost 2st.I stopped going at the start of dec and have since put back on a stone:break_diet:,although I have manged to give up my 20 aday smoking habbit which can only be a good thing.
I am now ready to get on with it again,I have set my goal at the weight I remember being happy in myself,although its still over weight according to bmi charts etc.
My 1st goal is lose what I have put on over xmas etc,then to get to 13st so I can approach my GP about a breast reduction(a whole another story).
Right my life story over I look forward to chatting to you all reading your stories,and getting to know you.
Take care Claire
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hi Welcome to minimins, you will find all the help and support you need here, (i know i do, even if they dont know it!) Breast reduction eh? i would sooo love one of those, maybe when i have lost my weight i could ask the gp to be considered :rolleyes: I have a lot of weight to lose, about 8 stones :eek: it has just crept on over the last 12ish years and now its time to actually change my eating habits for life not just for a few months and i can really see me being able to do this on SW I say this as i tuck in to mushrooms tomatoes and egg on toast! :D Anyway lovely to meet you and im sure you will find everyone on here very friendly. Jo x
Hi Jo1 and peter piper(love the name lol)
I love slimming world although Im trying it from home at the mo,so not sure how I will get on.If I sturggle I will get back to class though,and stay there this time as Im in a much better mind set.
I havent looked at the recipe section yet..will be in a mo though.
As for the BR Jo1 its something I've wanted for yrs,but am trying not to foucs on it too much at the mo,as I think it was my downfall last yr.I got within 7lbs of being an aceptable weight for the op,and I think it scared me(daft really).
Well take care and thanx for your replies

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