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Hi everyone :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mstarr28, 7 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. mstarr28

    mstarr28 Member

    Another newbie here, excited to get started and get on with my weight loss journey!
    Have been going to slimming world but struggled to stay to class over the last few weeks due to various reasons, not too happy spending money just to get weighed each week so thought I'd try this to help keep me on track :)
    Any other sw newbies? X
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  3. MarieDK

    MarieDK Well-Known Member

    Hi mstarr :) I am new to this forum and been doing Slimming World online for the last 9 weeks. You still pay about the same, but it's useful for looking up syn values and keeps me motivated if I know I am paying for it :D Hope you have a really good week doing it without the group, it certainly can be done xxx
  4. mstarr28

    mstarr28 Member

    Thanks for your post MarieDK, I'm a Marie too! Am hoping I can keep it up without the group, as you say being able to check syn values is handy if you're a member. How much do you hope to lose? X
  5. MarieDK

    MarieDK Well-Known Member

    Loads hehe. I have around 5 and a half stone still to lose (lost 2 stone so far) so a long way off yet. I am hoping to be at target for June 2015 when I turn 40, so have given myself quite a bit of time yet to do it all in. How about you?
  6. mstarr28

    mstarr28 Member

    Ah you've done really well already, am sure you'll reach your target. A member in my group told me never to be down about losing just one pound per week, as it's almost 4 stone in a year!
    I would like to lose another 2 stone, lost half a stone so far. I have my birthday in October so hope to reach target by then. I may even want to lose more, can't imagine how my body will look at target weight, it's been so long since I've been there! Hope you're having a good week :)
  7. BuBu

    BuBu New Member

    Hi there :) I'm a newbie also. Recently engaged, but have been suffering with a back injury that has resulted in not being able to exercise for nearly 2 years (slowly getting back on track). A combination of that and the resulting exhaustion + comforting eating has seen me put on weight - and I'm dreading dress shopping :(

    I've seen great results amongst friends who have done Slimming World and it seems like more of a sustainable lifestyle change! I've been to three meetings so far, but have found the leader to be kind of lacking and have no family or friends close by for support, so this is the next step :)
  8. mstarr28

    mstarr28 Member

    Hi BuBu! You'll love slimming world, I find it really flexible so doesn't feel like too much of a diet. My problem is that I lose motivation and end up back at square one kicking myself!
    It's great you have a wedding to keep you focused :) when's the big day? :)
  9. Cub's mummy

    Cub's mummy Active Member

    Hi all, I'm another newbie. Joined last night. I'm doing slimming world too. My first 3 months went well, losing about half a stone a month but last week was disappointing. I'd done loads of exercise but stayed the same. I happened to have done a food diary on paper so gave it to my consultant who's texted me to say all she could see was that I was using all my syns. So frustrating! So I've joined here to try and bolster my motivation. I don't want it to get me down and stop things.
  10. mstarr28

    mstarr28 Member

    Hi cubs mummy, sounds like you've done great so far! Not surprised you're frustrated but at least it wasn't a gain, don't let it set you back, it'll probably contribute to a better loss next week :)
    I need a big kick up the bum and to get back on track! I'm fine throughout the day, it's around this time when I sit down I want to eat anything and everything! Anyone have any tips for low syn snacks? X
  11. Cub's mummy

    Cub's mummy Active Member

    There's a chocolate mousse recipe on the website - uses fat free fromage frais, quark, sweetener and a options hot choc sachet. So anywhere between 0.5 and 2 syns depending on how many portions you divide it into. I find that layered with sliced banana can help my evening cravings.
    Otherwise I've taken to knitting - it keeps my hands and brain busy so I don't sit and mindlessly eat my way through chocolate and glasses of wine!

    Keep going!

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