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weight loss

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  1. vickiabd

    vickiabd Full Member

    i went for my first LL meeting yesterday evening it was really nice, i tried my very first food pack,(vanilla) it was delcious :party0027:i tot it would have yukky but was great, am looking foward to my next food pack, sooooo i have started my journey, so pls support any way you all can, HOW DO ONE COPE WITH WATER AND THE LOO COS I ALMOST DID IT ON MYSELF THIS MORNING :bliss:
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  3. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

    Good for you Vicki, the packs are really not bad. I like them all apart from Caramel.

    Hang in there keep glugging the water and you will see the pounds melting off you in no time.
  4. lola123

    lola123 Silver Member

    Glad you feel so positive, keep on in there with the water, not only does it help flush out your fat but it also makes your complextion glow. I have had some nice compliments about my new glowy skin so its a nice bonus
  5. vickiabd

    vickiabd Full Member

    thank you for your encouragement i will keep gulgging the water,its not as bad as i tot. i just hope i lose enough weight on my first WI.
  6. jeannie1066

    jeannie1066 Full Member

    hiya vicki keep up with the water it really helps! dont worry after a few weeks your "loo habit" slows down a bit and you can hold the water for longer, good luck and keep posting

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