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Hi everyone!

Hi guys, I've just joined this website whilst looking for someone to give me encouragement on my quest to get in shape. I'm 27, 6ft 1in and 26 stone. Just started Lipotrim 2 days ago and not doing too bad. Bit of a headache which could be down to not drinking enough water I reckon. (Pint of aqua in hand now!) Not been hungry so far with my two shakes a day. Want to get this weight off to improve my life and surprise my parents and siblings who have no idea I'm doing it. Won't see them for about 5 months from now and want to change my life and see their jaws drop! Nice to meet you all and I hope to be chatting with you guys soon. Dave.
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what a nice surprise that will be for your family! They will be amazed.

good luck Dave. once you get past the first week you will feel so much better.
Good luck Dave and welcome, but the secret is to hammer the water I do between 5 and 7 litres a day more you drink the less you retain. Im nearly out of here now but there are loads of peeps on here that will give you good advice and encouragement, this is a mind game diet and its just about been in charge and been on the top of you r game. Stick at it fella it will fly


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Hi Dave. Good luck with LT. Roll on weigh in day.Don't forget to let us know how you do. I too haven't told my mum that I am on LT so she will be shocked when she sees me in a couple of weeks. I keep putting her off so I can lose more weight.lol.
Get the first week over with and things will get better.:D


on the up lol
Hi Dave
And welcome to the wonderfull world of LT lol , some great people on here ;)
Always giving advice , Good luck :party0011::party0011::party0011:


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Welcome!!! Water is definitely the trick! Keep swigging away! Once you weigh in for the end of the first week you will be hooked on Lipotrim! If the headaches get bad take paracetemol.....you will be detoxing!


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Hey hun.... Welcome to the LT train and the madness of this forum!xx

You are definately in the right frame of mind Positivety is the way forward...the only way now is onwards and downwards. LT works wonders as long as you stay away from food!
The headaches could also be carb withdrawals... you can take paracetamol and yes, keep the water up!
How much are you looking to lose?
As Fattothin says secret is to hammer the water ...Garry, do you dare think of leaving us yet!!!!
Hi all, 5-7 litres seems like a massive amount! I need to up the water by about 3 litres a day now. I've made it through day two now so onwards and downwards I suppose! Thanks for all the messages guys! Looking forward to getting to know you all in time. Dave.:)


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welcome dave and good luck, your in good hands here so shout out if you need any advice.


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hey dave, good luck with everything. Im sure you'll do brilliantly, its great to have something to push towards. good luck! and we're all here if u need us. Im on day 5 :D


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hi Dave welcome to this wonderful site, you have certainly come to the right place for support and encouragement.
good luck with your LT journey its a great diet x
Allo Dave!

Well done for making the big decision and changing your life. Im into my second week and a i feel great, not hungry, full of energy(5 hour cleaning frenzy last night) and sleep like a log at night.

This forum is amazing for support and kick up the bum :) So get stuck in.
Hello Dave welcome, it brill on here, lots of people with support and help for anyone who gets stuck with anything, and it keeps your hands busy so your not eating! lol
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Welcome Dave.

This forum is great when you are feeling rough or down and encouraging and complimentary when you have a great WI.

My sisters don't know I'm on LT and, as I don't see them often, I'm hoping to have lost a lot of my weight before I see them again, probably in 2 months time.

Good luck and your family will be wowwed when they next see you.


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