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Hi everyone!

So I'm Ellie,
I decided to start a VLCD back in early june because I am getting married june next year and I can't stand the thought of being the 'Fat bride'!
I've battled with my weight for years so this really is my
chance to get the weight off before I try for having kids in the next few years.
I started the Lighter Life programme weighing 18st4lbs, and I'm currently 5 weeks into foundation having lost 19lbs (I am 5"6).
I'm happy with the results I'm getting so far, and I intend on carrying out the rest of my foundation for the duration of the course.
However I am due to finish that in late september, hopefully I'll have lost roughly 3stone, after that time I am thinking about joining w8 instead of LL for various reasons...

1)I can't handle the thought of no real food for the next 6 or so months, whereas on W8 I can eat a little food every four weeks.
2)The cost of LL is very hard on us, My Fiance and I have recently moved into our own house and money is tight so it isn't helping really. I have his full support but even so a few pounds saved every week would make a deffinite difference!
3) I feel like the options for both the selection of food packs and the different programmes themselves much more flexible and appealing!

So I suppose what I'd like to know is, how suitable is it to go from one VLCD to another, and also how different would the weight losses be? ie much different from what I get on LL or not much at all?

So if any of you nice people on here can offer me any advice, I'd very much appreciate it!

P.sI've posted this here and in the W8 forum but if there's somewhere more appropriate for questions like mine please let me know!
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Hi and welcome.

I know that lots of people on here have gone from LL to another VLCD generally CD. So I don't think it will be a problem for you. Good luck

Irene xx


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Hi Ellie and welcome :)

I agree with Irene as many people have changed from one VLCD to another for many different reasons, including the cost and have still been happy with their losses.

Have you had a chance to browse around the Cambridge Diet & Lipotrim Forum as well. It may help with any decision you need to make.

Best Wishes,


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