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Hi everyone!!

Hi everyone, i'm new here! (do many blokes come on here, or aren't we allowed?!!) I want to find out peoples thoughts on Lipotrim. I'm 28years old, 6ft and weigh just over 20 stone. I really need to do something about myself now before it's too late. I have 2 young kids and whilst I am fine playing with them now, I worry that down the line I won't be able to run around with them. I've tried Slimming World before but just couldnt get into it, and found the meetings really weird!!!
I was told about Lipotrim by a friend of mine and that it costs £40 a week for men. Is this the standard price, or can it be bought cheaper? On persciption?
Thanks everyone
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Here we go again!
Welcome James, course you are welcome on here.

Starting Lipotrim would be great for you. As you can see by everybody's losses it really does work. You probably haven't got that much to lose cos of your height and the weight seems to fall off blokes much quicker than us girls.

Good luck if you start, once you get into it you will love it cos the losses are so good.
It's the no beer but that worries me!! I don't drink that often, food is the reason i'm cuddly, but I do like to go out once a month for a few pints!!! Where is the best place to get Lipotrim from?


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Hi James
If you look on the lipotrim website it will tell you where your nearest pharmacy is, Im loosing for my 2 children (as well as myself) too, want to be able to kick a ball around with them lol, Good luck :) x
If you go on the Lipotrim website www.lipotrim.co.uk and then look under Pharmacy programme and then at the bottom of the page it will direct you to pharmacies near you.
Welcome to the site men and women welcome as it takes support whoever you are and this forum is great for that!
No beer at all allowed though only water or black coffee, leaf teas and 3 shakes a day. Its hard but if you look around this forum you will see the amazing results in a short time frame.


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I think its around £40 for men yeah, in northern ireland it seems to be dearer again. Im sure a guy will be around soon to tell you how much it is exactly.

Men lose on average 1 and a half stone per month :D

Good luck with your journey james :D
Any questions dont hesitate to come on here and ask - everyone is friendly and theres always someone around!
Thanks alot, everyone seems so nice..........so far!!! £40 is alot of money to spend per week, but I suppose the wife will be saving money on food, so maybe she could pay for me!!!!!!!!!!


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lol!!! I thought it would work out really expensive too but actually i have loads of money left over from my pay that i am saving and i have managed to buy a new car lol

You will see once you start just how much you were actually spending on food - it adds up to so much more than LT i reckon! :D


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I agree £40 does sound a lot when you start. But, you're not going out for any meals, not going out boozing, not buying the odd pack of crisps or choc bar, or the odd sandwich when you forget your lunch... *and* you're losing weight :)


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I agree £40 does sound a lot when you start. But, you're not going out for any meals, not going out boozing, not buying the odd pack of crisps or choc bar, or the odd sandwich when you forget your lunch... *and* you're losing weight :)
Exactly :D i used to spend about £50-£70 on one night out a month, plus i used to buy sooo much food in the shop before work... you will soon see that LT is cheaper lol
Hi James and welcome to the lipotrim forum. There are quite a few men around on this forum and their weight losses are fantastic.
Hopefully you have found a Pharmacy near to you and can start glugging your water and comparing shake recipes with all of us.

The weight loss on lipotrim is really great for males and females and after you get over the first few days its a breeze.


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DH started the diet last week and it's £48 for him.

Although he did lose 13lbs in the first week!

That's it then. Going to the pharmacy on my lunch break to see what I do next! Think I have to take a DVD away and watch it. I'm hoping it's Ghostbusters cos I haven't seen that in years. If all goes well i'm hoping to start on Monday. It's my cousins stag do this weekend so I might as well finish my days of drinking with a bang!
I'd definitely get the stag do out of the way first...its not the right idea but I had a pizza the night before I started ;o(
Like the others said if you just tot up what you spend in the week its not bad. I used to end up buying lunch most days then there was the bottle of wine on the way home from work plus the takeaways when I was working til silly o'clock and it was too late to cook. If you work it out it all adds up. Its basically £6.90 for you for your brekkie, lunch and dinner in a day. But I know I could spend £3-4 on lunch.
I think it's a good idea to do something like that the night before you start. Got my weekend planned already. Stag do all day Saturday, then Indian with the misses Sunday night, then goodbye to everything I love!! The results people have had on here shows that the sacrifice is well worth it!!


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It was my 5th wedding anniversary the night before I started & I had a 'last supper' at my favourite restaurant. I figured if I wasn't going to eat or drink for a few months a treat was in order! LOL!
The DVD is soooo boring. The same film is on the LT website, so you might be able to save time by watching it online then just going for your initial appointment? Check your local pharmacy does 'walk-ins', mine only does initial appointments on tues/thurs mornings, btu you can weigh-in anytime after that. You might need to make an appointment to get on the system?


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Hi James, Welcome. I'm quite new but I thought it was expensive until I realised how much I was actually spending on rubbish! It will definitely work out cheaper and you will lose the weight! The dvd isn't quite as good as ghostbusters!
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Go for it James, I just know all us girls will be pea-green with envy as your weight drops off far quicker than us, but we promise to give you every help and encouragment you could ever need. Be careful of your mates, some might just try and sneakily sabotage your efforts, but try and ignore any jibes that may come your way....when you are slim and catching the eyes of all lovely ladies, they will have to back down. Enjoy your last meal, it wont be too long before you have re-educated your tastebuds forever!

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