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hi everyone!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by stef2009, 25 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    hey everyone, looking for a little advice.. i'm currently on the lipotrim diet at the moment, been on it 8 weeks and lost 2 stone, aiming 2 loose another 3 or 4, Unfortunatly my partner is being made redundant so can no longor afford lipotrim as its £36 a week.

    I wus thinkin of joining slimming world, except i am unable to go 2 any meetings due to work.

    Was wondering if its still worth doing even if i cant go 2 meetings and how it all works basicaly???

    Thankyou x x
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  3. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    There are both kinds of slimmers on this forum, those who go to classes and those who go it alone. It seems to work for both parties.
    I need the motivation of going to a class each week to keep me on the straight and narrow, but having said that there are people on here who lose week in week out without attending class - think it depends on how strong your will to lose is and how self motivated you are..
  4. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    Well done on your weight loss so far, you look great!!
    I agree with madferret above, if you go it alone then you need willpower. I go to class and could not do it on my own but that's just me.

    There is a lot to explain so I would say it would be worth going to class and joining, even if it is only to get all the books and have it explained to you. If you get the new magazine there is a £5 off voucher in it so it would cost you £9.50.

    There are so many different plans on SW now so i'm sure there would be one to suit you.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Jay xx
  5. Rachelina

    Rachelina Full Member

    Hi Stef and Welcome, sorry to hear about your partners redundancy. I tried Lipotrim and lasted 6 days so well done you!!!

    I do SW myself from home, I have been to classes before (and used to be a consultant) but this time decided that I needed this ti be a lifelong change and I couldn't see myself going to class for the rest of my life so thought I needed to stop pratting about and get on with taking responsibility of what I put in my mouth for my own sake, not just for the threat of the scales each week, but its each to their own I guess.

    I think the thing is, £36 a week maybe a lot, but on LT that is all you are spending, I know I spend more than £36 a week on food for me (whether I was on the plan or not!) but I guess you can do it much cheaper.

    The basis of SW is around Food optimising, there are 3 steps, free foods which are foods you don't have to weight or measure in anyway and you can eat as much as you like, healthy extras, there are 2 lists A and B and you can have 2 of each each day, the A list is measured amounts of milk and cheese, the B list measured amounts of Fibre rich foods like bread, cereals etc, then there are syns which are basically anything that is not a free food or HE will have a syn value, you can have between 5 and 15 a day.

    There are 2 days you can choose Red or Green, you have to stick to either day for 24 hours (you can mix them but if you have never done SW before the best way to start is just by doing red and green days until you get used to the plan before you start with the variants), you can do as many red days in a week as you want, or all green if you prefer or alternate, its up to you. On a red day you can eat unlimited amounts of meat, poultry and fish, on a green day its unlimited rice, pasta, potatoes and pulses.

    Thats a very brief overview of the plan, if you have never done it before I would advise going to a group until you get the hang of it but its a great plan, one you can adopt for life as you can fill up on foods you enjoy, you don't feel restricted and most people find they are eating more than they did before

    good luck!!
  6. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    hey evryone thanks for the advice, i dont need the classes to help me stick to it, i have lots of willpower, from doing the lipotrim, it was hell!! i would need to go to get the hang of it, its just having time off work 2 do it!! - rachelina- well done for the 6 days, it may not seem alot but them 6 days u did wus the bloody hardest!! i thought i'd save money doing the lipotrim as im not eating, but ive got a family to feed and it actually hasnt really reduced my shopping bill!!

    this diet sounds great though, still loosing weight and its not punishing, like the sound of it!

    going to try and see what i can do about the classes, how much is the starter pack? x x
  7. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    If you get the voucher stef, the joining fee is only £5 instead of 10 and the class is £4.50 so it would cost you £9.50 for the first week.

    Well worth it, if only to get the plans explained to you.

    Jay xx
  8. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Gold Member

    All very good advice above. Also sorry to hear about the redundancy :(

    SW is a great, flexible diet! It actually encourages you to eat to fulfil your appetite. It can be a bit difficult to get your head round at first though. The original and green day thing is quite simple, but you really need access to the lists of what 'free' foods are on each day. Plus the 'superfree' foods. Then there are the healthy extras and syns. If you don't have something to refer to, you'll be forever asking questions (which we don't mind but can get tedious for you when you just want to eat!) and to be frank, you'd be much more likely to slip up, get frustrated because it's too complicated, not working and then give up.

    I would really advise, as others have, that you try and get to just one class and pay £9.50 for the books. Then you've got all the latest info and can read it and implement it correctly. Then, any other questions you need answering, you come here for :)
  9. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    oh ok then i'll do that, so how do i go about gettin this voucher then? if i go the first class do i get all the books there included in that £9.50? x x
  10. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    Hi Steph

    I do SW via the Bodyoptimise website because I also cannot attend classes due to work.

    This is like a halfway compromise- I still have to weigh myself and enter it every week so I feel I have the discipline, I get the support of recipes, syns online and motivational help, but I am not restricted to having to attend a class at the same time every week- which I can't always do due to the amount I have to travel

    It is also lovely when I hit targets that I still get awards on my homepage, and a chance to view my progress chart, etc.

    A lot of people say they don't think they could do it this way as they need the discipline of class, but I think it requires equal courage and determination to go to a class as to weigh in when prompted

    Good luck on whatever you decide, and for your husband too

  11. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    There is a voucher in the new magazine Stef. You will get the book with all the red/green free foods and all the healthy extras in, as well as lots of syn values. You will also get the booklet for the new extra easy plan. The consultant will explain all to you as well.

    You will get all you need to start and then anything else, just ask us!! Good luck. :)
  12. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    thanks guys, just 1 last question, once i join and go 2 that first meeting am i in a contract of goin every week payin the 4.50 or will it not matter i only go the first 1? x
  13. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    You are never tied in to anything with SW.
    Your consultant may get in touch if you don't tell her you are not going again so it may be worth saying something to her if you decide not to go to class weekly.
  14. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    yep i will do. just been on sw website, u get half price offer if u join b4 29th march, which is 9.50 for first week, as you said, i suppose its the same as the voucher really x
  15. angelslice

    angelslice Full Member

    Hiya Stef It's £9.50 to join and you won't need a voucher. Getting to a group is always your best bet but as someone else said bodyoptimise is the next best thing so check out the sw website for a bit more info. Best of luck x

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