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Hi Eveyone

Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Vicki and I have come on here for support whilst doinf Lipotrim -AGAIN! I first did Lipotrim in Jan 2007. I wanted to have a baby and felt I was too big at the time. Went on Lipotrim for 7 weeks and lost over 2 stone. I fell pregnant as soon as I stopped the diet! Anyway my daughter is now 15 months old and running rings around me. I am bigger now than what I was before I started Lipotrim last time! I started 1 week ago and have lost 9lbs.......YEAHHHHH! Feel ten times better already. I have never struggled with doing this diet. I never feel hungry which is great. I manage to cook my familys evening meals and don't pick. I do have a question though, I am starting to find 3 shakes a day too many. Do any of you have less than 3....if so is it ok? :confused:
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Hey and welcome back.. asked this question when I started too.. short answer is you have to take them,... you need to get all your recommended daily allowances of everything in them... dont want to become deficient in anything...

best of luck again.. seems like you'll breeze through it!
Hey Vicki,
Congrats on your baby news :) and welcome back on the diet!
Also massive well done on your 9lbs loss so far!
Sometimes I do find that 3 shakes are too many but you really need to have them because they contain everything you need... I was told that if you didnt have all three shakes then your body would start to go into starvation mode and you would stop losing weight.
I know at times I have had 2 shakes instead of three.. but I have tried not to make a habit of it because I wont be doing myself any favours. If you do feel that theyre too much then perhaps you could space them out a little bit more throughtout the day?


Here we go again!
Welcome back to LT Vicki. Great first week weight loss. Keep up the good work and you know the results will be great. Good luck.
Do not take less than the 3 shakes a day, or you will be depriving your body of needed vitamins and minerals.

Your body requires a minimum amount of protein too, or you will start to lose muscle mass. Not only will this slow your metabolic rate, you will find that loose skin becomes even more of an issue, the more weight you lose.

It's also bad for the heart.

So definitely take the full 3 shakes a day.


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HI love and welcome!!

Congrats on your daughter how lovely!! Perfect time to loose your weight!!

i sometimes miss one, but make sure the next day i have all three.. as its never on purpose!!

good luck and let us know how you are getting on! 9lbs already is fab!



I will be skinny again!!!
Nope you MUST have the 3 shakes!!
Im struggling aswell to fit them all in.. They are essential for giving you nutrients that you need... Any less calories and your body will probably go into the starvation mode and try to hold on to fat as long as possible.
I took my last one at 10.45 last night!! Make sure u take them all!!
hiya and welcome

best of luck with it again

and as everyone has said you must take all of them
Hey hun... Welcome back to Lipotrim :) Just an idea but if your really struggling and having the same flavour all day...

You could try having 2 shakes a day, made up with 1 1/2 packet of mix in each? I don't know if its allowed, but you'd be having all 3 shakes that way... And surely that would be better than only having say one or two.

Good luck on your lipotrim journey!
hiya welcome back to LT have you considered changing one shake for a flapjack, just a thought but as the others have said you need to have all 3 to have the required nutrients

all the best

blue eyes

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Great weight loss on your first week. Sorry but you must have 3 shakes, your body needs it. XX
Thanks everyone for all your comments which I will seriously take onboard. Gonna really try and have 3 tomorrow. Its hard to drink it when you just aren't hungry, and I drink so much water too which adds to being full. The Doc said that its fine to have 2 a day and a meal at night........surely that defeats the object of being on a TFR diet though!
Hi Cd, well done on your loss ! and congrats on your little bundle of fun.
You could make your shakes into Mousse's, add less water to the mix and freeze for a while, it might give help give the feeling you are not eating as much.
Good luck !
Welcome Vicki!!! I love your profile name, soon you'll be a skinny dipper not a chunky dunker!!!!

I did the same thing last time I did LT, skipped most of my shakes and didnt lose a single ounce!!!
Hi Vicki and welcome back. Do try and have your 3 shakes a day as the others have stated and just think that's an extra trip to the loo and all those calories your burning running up and down the stairs!
welcome back to the forum, many congrats on your beautiful penny, i am sure she is gorgeous. All the best on your weight loss journey, take care

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