Hi from a Newbie!


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Hi everyone!

I started my first ever diet a few weeks ago and today I started feeling like I wanted to give up. I went online looking for inspiration and came across this lovely forum filled with people going through the same journey as me! Nosying around posts has kept me from sneaking to the shops for chocolate, so you've all helped me already - thank you!

I'm hoping you'll all keep me motivated enough to stick to my diet so I look better in my graduation photos in July! My friend's are all skinny stunners so I feel a bit like a heffer standing near them - and there have been a few photos since Christmas that have managed to convince me that I definitely need to lose some weight, haha!

I'm not on any paticular diet plan at the moment - I'm just trying to eat smaller portions of healthier food (and I try to run occassionally but I'm dreadful!) so I'll probably flit in and out of different forums.

Hopefully I'll get to know some of you better and we'll all look lovely and slim together soon! :)

Good luck everyone!

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Hi into the starlight, welcome to the forum mate, we have all been there, although since joining SW the only thing I have felt is full up and thinner :)
you'll be ok I'm sure, keep us informed.


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Good luck lovely !! :D
Hope you find the support you need to reach your goals


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Hello from another newbie, both to dieting and here! Thanks for the luck, sending lots back to you! :D


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hello and welcome, Hope that your weight loss journey goes without much trouble for you, Good luck anyway :) X


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I'm also a newbie on here and also trying to get rid of the extra person I carry around!!
This forum is amazing, really motivational! I have decided to start on s&s for a bit of a kick start and will then move onto sw!

Good luck all!!