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  1. Alfaguy

    Alfaguy Member

    I have just done my first week on Lipotrim. Had my first weigh in this evening and I lost almost 9 pounds but was told not to expect this next week.

    For some reason today has been my hardest day so far - Ive been craving for cheddar cheese all day and all the water drinking in the world does not seem to quell it.

    The family did not make things easier for me either cooking a delicious dinner that I could smell out in the garden.

    But I am determined to continue as I see this as a make or break war with my obesity. I even bought a very sophisticated weighing scale that was 'supposed' to tell me what my body fat percentage and BMI is but all it seems to do is tell my weight? So that's going back to the shop tomorrow.

    I am dusting down my treadmill tomorrow too and plan to do at least 30 minutes jogging on it per day to assist the Lipotrim. I already did a bit of running on the beach today with the dogs. I already feel much lighter so its much easier to run. The dogs thought I was after going a bit mad as they never seen me run very far before.

    I had to get 14 packets of strawberry today too as I can't stand the others but I feel the chicken flavour is far more filling than the strawberry if only it tasted a bit better.

    I survived a major hurdle this week too when I had to go to the UK on business. I usually avail of all the food perks such trips bring me but I was amazed that I could say no to them this time. Actually it was getting back home that nearly finished me. There is nothing like tucking in to all the home cooking after a long trip but again I was able to say no.
    For some reason this has left me feeling a bit dispondent all day. I suppose I now realise that this is for the long haul and I can't ever go back to my bad old ways. :(
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  3. Lynn8124

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    Hiya I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your journey. For some people the second week can be the hardest, so keep your chin up. If I was you I'd ask for a refund on the scales and just go by your weigh-ins at the pharmacy. ;):)
  4. Mini

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    Congratulations Alfaguy on your weight loss!

    9lb is excellent and a good motivator to push you forward to next week.:clap::clap::clap:

    In the first four weeks for men they can lose between a stone and to two stone.

    Everyone is different and you will settle into your own pattern of weight loss from then on.

    Well done also on surviving your first major hurdle which is great and shows just how determined you are.

    Work into your exercise slowly and don't over do it in the first few weeks as your body is adjusting to this diet and it can take it out of you.

    Be sure to do your before photos and body measurements as they will help greatly to compare your progress as you go along losing weight.

    Cravings come and go...I use to get one for nuts!

    After a few weeks on the diet you could ask about Flapjacks...some people hate them at the beginning as you can taste the vitamins and minerals in them more so if you are early into the diet but as your body gets use to the taste of vitamins and minerals you hardly notice them then in the Flapjacks. They are an acquired taste.

    I could not be without themselves as they are so convenient for travelling and sitting through everyone else eating when at a restaurant. I usually have mine with jugs of water...

    They are also very filling.

    Here is a link to help you step by step to put up your ticker.


    Also here is another one to help you make your way around.


    If you need any help please ask.

    Good luck on your diet journey!

    Love Mini xxx
  5. hurleymurley

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    I agree about the cravings coming and going. For the last week I've wanted a kebab but as I passed the kebab van on the way home from work yesterday I suddenly realised that the smell was making me feel sick. I wish I could feel like that all the time though!
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  6. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    welcome to minis, good luck on your journey to slimdom.xx
  7. peppa

    peppa Pwincess

    welcome to minimins, loads of support is on offer just ask:D
    good luck and 9lbs is excellent
  8. Alfaguy

    Alfaguy Member

    Thanks for the welcome and supportive comments. Had my 2nd weigh in on Friday and I could not believe it when she said I had lost 9 pounds! :eek:

    I can feel the benefits of the weight loss already. Much more energy and self confidence. I was able to do 20 mins on the treadmill yesterday.Today I washed my jeep and my car and did not feel like going to bed due to exhaustion as I used to if I did that.

    I also have slipped from being obese to just being overweight and bought my first medium sized track suit that fitted nicely.

    Best news is that the Lipotrim diet is now almost just routine and I don't have the cravings that I had in the first week. :)
  9. tpott

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    I just wanted to say well done on your fantastic weight loss!
  10. Alfaguy

    Alfaguy Member

    Thanks Tpott - I am now at the end of my fifth week - weigh in is tomorrow (Friday Feb 13th :eek:)

    I knew today would be really stressful at work (as it was) and I just had to have a cup of tea and two slices of toast before I left this morning so I did and my did it taste good. :)

    I can't complain about my Lipotrim journey - since January 9th I have gone from 103KG to 88 KG - a staggering 15 KG or 2.36 stone. I have got back on the wagon again now though and I am not one bit guilty for my one slip up so far. I only have one more stone to loose anyway so am thinking on going on the re-feed this week and losing the rest the conventional way by sensible eating and extra exercise.

    At this point people are begging me to stop and seem a bit worried that I am becoming a bit of a diet junkie - but I am sure I am not. :8855:

    However I think LT is great for losing the main bulk of excess weight but as you near your ideal weight its benefits diminish and can be in my view a bit harmful. My muscles are much less in mass now than they were while my body fat percentage still remains relatively high - varying from 25 to 27% and my BMI seems stuck at 28. In fact a few days this week I actually gained weight on LT which could indicate my metabolism has adjusted to the LT and my body is now able to balance food intake and reduce bodyweight loss.
    I am anxious that any further muscle reduction does not happen as this is essential to helping maintain a steady weight after stopping.
    Ill make a final decision when I go for my weigh in tomorrow (to go on the re-feed) - stay tuned. ;)
  11. chriBs3

    chriBs3 Full Member

    good luck on whatever you decide, I came off the CD when I had a BMI of 27.5 and lost the rest through maintenance
  12. Alfaguy

    Alfaguy Member

    Well - I went on the re-feed last Friday as I thought I would. It went well and my weight stayed steady at an almost constant 87 KG all week.
    After 5 weeks on LT I felt - or rather my body did that a weeks rest from it was in order.
    I am however going back to the full LT regime from Saturday so as to loose the rest of the flab - roughly 7 kg.
    Lets call this LT stage 2. Remember in stage 1 I went from 103 KG to 87KG so stage 2 should even be easier.
    I also proved that I can not be on LT and eat healthy foods and maintain my weight which is a great motivator to continue on my journey.
    They say getting back on LT is even harder 2nd time around but after only a week off it I hope it will be easier for me. :)
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