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not giving up

Everyone happy New Year, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas

Not been on Minimins for a while and here I am

I shall reply to all msgs as soon as get another sneaky peek back on here in work.

Hope everyone is still dropping the weight

Stay strong guys xxx
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Loves to Post
Hi and welcome bk hope you had a lovely xmas and new year :)


Full Member
Hi Rolly!!

I have also just came back onto Minimins :) I took time off the diet over Christmas and New year but i been back on CD for a week now and feeling better than ever for it :) How have you been getting on? Glad you are back i have been looking for you hehe!! <3 xx


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I knew you were lurking somewhere! Hope you had a nice break! Get your butt into gear kiddo!


Bouncy Castle
welcome back kitten!


not giving up
Hi Ladies

Hope you're all well nice and got lots of goodies for Christmas and spoilt rotten, or as I text my friend Christmas day "hope Ste splits you rotten" needless to say that typo has gone down in the book of legends!

How is everyone doing? I've missed you guys. I had a little kinda eat don't eat over christmas and still managed to lose so i'm quite happy with that granted i could have been much further towards target but we all have our ways as you lovely ladies keep telling me. Anyhows good news my sister has now joined me on CD and is on week two so keeping her motivated is taking my mind of it.

I insist you all spill what prezzies you got.

Oh and onm a further note... wow how expensive is New York!?!?! Spangles where are you staying when you go? So far I have manage to find a flying with some parcel airline and staying in the YMCA in the Bronx for less than £800, it's looking like my 30th is going to cost be a bomb :-( x


Bouncy Castle
ahh, we're lucky to be subletting a friend's apartment in brooklyn. our flights are £500 each by virgin, but they were all much the same - possibly more spensive cos it's the easter holidays.

but yes, accommodation in NY is the limiting factor, really. i'd recommend brooklyn - actually. getting very trendy in its own right, and public transport into manhattan doesn't take long.