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Hi guys im back to stay!!! I LOST 3LB THIS WK..HALF ST GONE IN 2WKS! YAAY


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Hey im Margaret.

With 11 weeks to go to my hoilday !I know enough is enough and i wanna have lost @ least 2 stone! so really wanna slim down!!

I started off (again) on tues the 12th. may.. so going good early days.. i was 12st 12lb on tues. yes i know i shouldnt but looked at scales this morn ww ones- said 12st 9lb sos happy but not lookin at scales anymore... I was thinkin not lookin at them only once a month!! once exercise and dietin right keepin within points no need for scale right!

Please god ill hit jackpot this time get this weigh loss started!! :D
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Hi margaret good luck with you're restart, you can do it and 11 weeks till your holiday what more motivation do you need?!



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thanx! Im not going think too much about it just know what i ave to do changes etc! less my tlk more action! so tell me is 3 days a wk exercise enough 1 hour plus of a walk!! 4 miles. spread out durnin wk! im wrecked otherwise with kids and workin i do exercise on my days off instead.
absolutely!!! I think that would be bloomin terrific if you can manage to fit in that much exercise each week. You'll definately be super fit for your hols!!

I noticed that I was the same weight as you (near enough) when i started out in Jan, so if i can do it you can definately do it!!! Hope you're psyched up for the week ahead! x


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Thats great so no point sayin ill do 5 days a wk!! lol ya lst few days im been pretty good and just thinkin there no point eatin that high cal food.. mite taste nice for bit but then bk to sq 1 and go on a binge again so best avoid!!!

Plus tryin keep tellin my self do you want me slim!!! for aug on hol and proud how far ill have come! or not diet and when aug still be talkin about going on diet! and never ending the evil cycle so this time hol really hit home!! and i know where i wanna be!! not weigh i am now for definate be no enjoyment if i lost nothin for it!!

I wanna lose then hit shops for all lovely clothes in new slimmer size for it cant wait!! So tonight im gettin veg chow mein 4 half points so i betta enjoy its sat nite!! tlk soon hun thanx
Enjoy!! and you will be hitting the shops in august buying loads of lurvely new clothes for hols, you can do it!!

spk soon
morning, just wanted to say welcome back and good luck. You sound really determined and focused so are bound to succeed. Hope you enjoyed your chow mein!!

HAve a good day today


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Hi guys!! yes i enjoyed my chow mein nice in filler for little points! yum! Galaxy -- iv not booked my hol yet ! going somewhere hot anyway! last min offers must find out next wk get travel agents ring me as good offers come in!

Today had a half day at work, so had breakfast- branflakes 2 slice soda and jam.. snack low fat ambrosia rice and low fat flyte bar.

(Thats so far) its now 2.36pm.. so not sure what have for rest my day any ideas people! Im on 20 points...

Feeling good not feel like im dietin, just dont wana eat de bad cause i know what point if i do! ill be no nearer my goal just for a taste! and over points!

Iv holy communion coming up sat, its on in persons house so take it be easier than a set menu prob be a buffet or someth so be able choose my own food.. but i bet desserts be fab.. must find out points for them i know prob be apple tart , rubarb tart, etc...

Plus prob drink aswel! so prob have to save points from tues.. 4 a day! better off saving for every wknd cause always someth could pop up so gotta be ready for it!!

Cant wait for this weight be off... im size 14 now rare time a 16. saw this fab pink dress in mego ... frm lipsy. pink with diamonds at side with pockets lovely!! not lose fit.. its fitted with a zip of course! so tried the 14 few wks ago, and was just that bit up bk not hope would it tie o i was so mad lol so i knew then i seriously needed to RESTART my diet or for my holiday ill have same prob! be able to buy nothin nice! for it.

So roll i say and keep doin right yaaaaaaaH!


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you sound so determined ! I am sure you will do just great! Welcome back!!


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thanks everyone!! for poppin by! x x x anyhuw i can happily say ive lost 5lb in 1 wk!! DIY style!!! Im determined to keep it going see i said i wouldnt look at scales but hard not to right!! said id wait a month for each weigh in!! having really exercised, did short small walks... but mostly i sopose sweating it out at work!!!

And eating right!! basically... so on we roll another wk!!
Todays menu was : breakf- branflakes dinner- bowl soup small roll, muller low fat vanilla custard rice pot.
lunch: low fat sweet chilli chicken wrap and low fat flyte bar and diet orange.. last snack prob be cereal!!

So on i rooooooooooollllllll...
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well done!! thats just the motivation you need to keep going! :D


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Yay congrats to you, good luck for the coming week xx

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