Hi Guys - remember me?


Back again!
Hi all

Some of you may remember me from the Discover Health Forum, which I joined back at the beginning of the year when I started the Cambridge Diet. I've been having a peek around this lovely site & thought I'd join up.

I lost 3 stone on CD, which I've maintained since April, which is a massive accomplishment for me, having tried & failed every diet known to man beforehand and never, ever have I been able to maintain any losses I had in the past.

I've been thinking recently about becoming a CDC, I couldn't do it earlier in the year due to family committments, but the time is now right. I emailed Isobel a while ago and asked a few questions and she pointed me to this site and a post about becoming a CDC, which was really helpful. So I talked to my counsellor, filled in my application & I'm now booked to go on the next training day on 18th November.

I'm really excited about becoming a counsellor as I am so enthusiastic about this wonderful diet, and with so many counsellors on this site, it seems like a good place to be!

For the many who don't know me, I'm 42 married with one lovely daughter and one mad Border Terrier (who, to be honest, is my baby). I lost 3 stone following CD in just over 3 months & have never felt better. The diet was challenging but in many ways easy once I got my head around it, I followed it to the letter, knowing it was the only way to go for me & got the results to keep me motivated. I now follow a Healthy Eating/GI plan, using common sense & enjoy good food, rather than junk food, which I've lost the taste for. I walk loads with my dog & use a pedometer to keep me on track and this combined with sensible eating has enabled to maintain around my goal weight.

So that's a bit about me. Looking forward to renewing old acquaintances & making plenty of new ones :D

hey dotty welcome on board hun, well done on losing and maintaining your 3 stone loss that is brilliant!!! i'm sure you will have loads to offer as a CDC!!

keep in touch

Gen xx
Hello and welcome to a fab place where you will feel so at home.Good luck with your journey looking forward to getting to know you :)
Hi darlin - great to see you here and best of luck with the training day!! It's great fun and I'm sure you'll be fab as a CDC!

Thanks guys