Hi guys


Well here I am posting for the first time on this site.

Where do I start?

Ok I'm 23 married unhappy and its all due to me being overweight.Does that make sense?I;ve done LL got down to 9st 13lb didn;t get to target (8st) I started at 12st 8lbs.I got married as a size 12/14 which wasn;t what i wanted.

I then gained loads and joined CD earlier this year at 11st 8lbs.I did really well again and got down to 9st 9lbs and I did it again.I celebrated my i'm in the 9st region so i'll eat as a treat.That was May.I haven;t bothered to get back on the wagon.Now we're in September and I'm gained weight as a rapid rate and I don;t like it.:( My huge stomach kills me to look at.I look like I'm 6 months pregnant yet I wear size 12.I came across some photos I've not seen before and they made me want to cry.I looked disgusting.Now I know I've come a long way but I still feel like my deamons are with me.

I have a wedding on the 16th I'm thinking of getting back on the CD wagon.Has anyone got any tips to help me keep on track?I can't stick pictures up of me becasue we're selling my house and I don;t wanna scare any potential buyers lol.

Thanks if you read this far I just need to admit it to myself I'm not happy with anything and everythings suffering because of me being unhppy with my weight.
Hiya Fuffa

I think you have learnt 'how' to lose the weight quickly, but not the mechanics of keeping it off. Have you considered following SW, Weight Loss Resources, or WW? Just so that you are dealing with your eating demons?

Just a thought - welcome to Minimins, and hoping you find something that will help.

I've tried both WW and SW they don't work for me.CD works for me I just need to stay focused.Thats the problem.:(
Hi Fuffa - welcome to the group!
Fuffa, you worry me, if you don;t love your self a little more then you are going to be a very unhappy bunny. You are not disgusting - NO WAY. Ok you are cuddlier than you would like but you can deal with that, you have proved that before. Your weight is not your problem, your mind set is. How can you treat yourself like this. Your stomach is not huge, Ok it maybe could be flatter but apart from the occasional model, so could eveyone elses be. You are relatively newly married with a long and enjoyable life ahead and all you are focusing on is how you look. Not good enough, there is so much more to you than the label size in the back of your clothes. If you want to be thinner, do it by all means but if you are relying on it as the one thing that will alter every aspect of your life and make you happy think again. Weight/size is not the only important factor. You need to love yourself more, treat yourself with the same kindness and concern as you would your best friend. Cut yourself some slack honey, you deserve it. love