hi guys :)


i love minimins me :)

I have come back and need help!!! I started 2 weeks ago with the stone to crimbo challenge with lorraine and sonia and lost 5lb in the first week and was feelin positive, then last weekened i had a crap time (its all detailed in the stone challenge thread) and i havent been on plan all week, i got weighed this morning and have put 2lb on (but my totm finally has arrived so am hopin its cos of that) now i have decided tomorrow i am starting 100% till crimbo day, nothin that isnt sw isnt going near my mouth and i promise that! i have 2 weeks till i start my new job so i am going to do 2 x 10 mins x trainer everyday! and do 20 sit ups and drink 2 litres of water each day! I feel so much better wen i am on plan and i hope to look better by crimbo!

the girlies for my challenge havent been online much this week with work n being poorly etc so i need some extra support cos am rubbish on my own! am off now to try and find a new class for me to join

lots of love

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Hey Stacey we're all here for you. I'm sorry you've been having a crap time but its good to see you getting back on track. 2lb isn't that much of a blip and as you've said its totm so I'm sure next week will be better.


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Hi stace good to see you back. I had a wee blip there and put on a couple of lbs and i had a really bad day yesterday however everyone gave me great support. You will soon be back on track. x


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well done at realizing quickly that you need to focuss, be grateful its only 2lb and not 2 stone. So come on you can do it x


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Welcome back Stacey, glad your back on track again, we all have a bad week from time to time! You can do the 100% till xmas. We are all here for ya hun. xx


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Hi Stacey
I am joining you - hope that is ok?
I have had a bad few days been unwell and eating what I felt like but have got to move on so statring tomorrow like you everything will be SW food.
Can't post from work like I used to so it will be of an evening.