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hi guys

had a rubbish valentines. men are lying cheating scum bags. i cant eat i cant sleep i cant be bothered to do a thing im i wont be bothering with the weigh in cos i cant face the world right now. i got drunk saturday which hasnt helped and im not eating so im probably gonna have a gain. sorry for the rant.
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ach you poor soul, what did the pig do? dont let a man win! you should stick to the diet and stuff him, your not doing it for him its for you and your self esteem - easier said than done though its easy to go into the eff it mode, ive been in and out it for weeks now.
well apart from the drinking i havent eaten anything since friday, hes just a liar and has been sleeping with someone else and we had a bad fight. but right now ive dragged myself up and im going out. ive been in a right state lol xx
Oh sweetie - what a hellish weekend, so much for it being the most romantic time of the year. What an utter pig of a man, I firmly believe in karma and what goes around does come around - he'll get it back, don't you worry x

Honey you must eat...I know it's easier said than done when you're upset and stressed to the hilt, but for your own health and the energy you need for the little ones, you must eat something - don't worry about the diet just now, just eat something and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. You'll be feeling worse for not eating honey, you're body needs it.

I hope you feel better after being out and about - take care sweetie xx
im a bit hungover :( ive just realised since friday all ive eaten is 7 shakes thanks hun, i will try i just have no apetite im sipping water. i shouldnt let him get to me but im so upset and angry i havent gone for my weigh in yet im in two minds. mainly cos i cant be arsed to move and also because i dont need any more shakes and i usually go for my weigh in and to buy shakes. my size 8 dress is fitting a little better, still will look loads better when ive lost all the weight, how is everyone? xxxx
Morning sheshe, so happy to hear your size 8 dress is fitting better, I bet you look a million dollars in it hun.

See how you feel later regarding your weigh in, it's not the end of the world if you miss it but it may also give you a well deserved boost if you go along and see how much weight has dropped off you this week. Do you have much more to lose?

Hope you resolve your problems babes, relationships can be so hard at times xx
i dont know what i weigh now but last tues i was 9st 12 so i have just over a stone to lose the dress is stretchy. i have a feeling all the not eating and backing alcohol is gonna give me a gain, dunno if i can take that right now?
i should really go just to keep my weigh ins regular? i dunno?? arghhhh xx
Hey you, saw your WI post - well done, 2lbs off it terrific and a stone in 4 weeks is amazing - well done, you deserve it xx
Don't envy you, workmen in the home can be a right pain in the backside, still just think how wonderful it'll look once they've gone and you've spent hours tidying up after them!! Hope your guys don't pee all over the toilet and leave all seats up - that drove me mad when we had workmen in...my 6 year old son has better toilet habits!
Take care xx
oh god, you poor soul! thats a mighty blow what he has done to you and no one deserves that to be done to them, totally disgusting! well done on losing 2lbs but u must try and eat, you need to keep your strength up for the children otherwise everything thats bad will just seem ten times harder. keep ur head up your stronger than u think! xx

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