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Hi i am New :)

Hello everyone,

I have started CD today and i have about 10stone to lose:eek:. And at the age of 25 its not really something to be proud of, i would love to look and feel alot better by NEXT summer. I am finding it very hard but i hope to get through the next few weeks with all your help and support. I have a really bad head so i think i will leave it at that for now lol.

<3 xxxxx
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Hiya GeordieGirl1 :welcome:

I'm guessing if you have a bad head, you're in the first day or three? :) If so, I promise it'll get a whole lot better soon, so stick with it. There's no problem with taking some paracetamol either, so don't feel you just have to suffer (it won't affect getting into ketosis or anything like that!). Best to avoid ibuprofen and aspirin though cos they might upset your tummy because you won't have much in there to mop 'em up.

I had a peek at your other posts and spotted you're getting used to navigating around the site. Most of the posts end up in this bit of the forum: Cambridge Diet Forum - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum (you'll need to scroll down past the 'sticky posts').

Looking forward to getting to know you better - and you know what? You're going to look and feel a whole lot better by THIS summer! :D :D
Aw thats so nice of you thank you!! Well i am in day one of SS so yeah today is a little ahhh hahaha. I have come to bed early and thought i would pop on here for some insperation. I hope i can do this. Its my birthday on Saturday and i am having a big night out in my local town with all my friends. My bf said he will go up and get me water and say its lemonade with vodka lol i am sure no one will even question it. I am so huge that i cant even walk far without being out of breath and i am so sick of it >.< So tonight i walked my Puppy along the river and u know what... it wasnt as bad as i thought :) I am so happy i have got through this first day and i cant wait to get through day two too hehe!

Thank for the help <3 xxxxx


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You can do it. You just have to grit your teeth through the first few days and then, all of a sudden, once you get into ketosis, you'll feel a whole lot better. It's really quite weird. :D

Sounds like you've got a really supportive bf there and that helps loads - but cor - how amazing that you're doing this before your birthday! Good for you!

How old's your puppy and what sort of puppy is he? I want a dog, one day. Have to make do with my cat for now. :)


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Yeah go for it! One day at a time... I'm very jealous you have a puppy!
Be very proud!

Hey geordie girl, you should be very proud indeed of making the decision to do this. I have 7 to lose, and I know it can be done, and after a while when you see those results, you will actually enjoy it now and again! Sometimes it will be hard though, but you can use these times to learn about why you overeat. My trigger is company. That means eating till I burst! In my experience, socialising is always the difficult one because everything revolves around food and drink, but you will get used to it, and already you have made a plan for how to deal with it. If I could give you any advice, it would be never to take just one sip of a drink, or bite of some food, even low carb, mentally, the longer you resist, the stronger you will be. You are gonna look and feel amazing, well done you. :D

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
Good luck on your journey. I have over 10 stone to lose also and have been so focussed. I have lost 2 st 11lbs in 5 weeks and feel so much better. It gets easier after the 4th day.
Jayne x
well done on your loss flabfighter!

Thank god for this forum, it is SO inspiring, thats an amazing loss!;)