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Hi I wonderd what diet and exercise works for you?

Hi I have about a stone to lose and wonderd what everyone does to lose weight.

I dont cal count or follow a diet off here,I just eat fruit for lunch and sometimes breakfast and have a main meal in the evening sometimes quite early i also go the gym or go on the exercise bike and sometimes walk the dog when im at my grandmothers house
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I do Slimming World and I love it. I never go hungry and I don't have to think I am on a diet all the time. I do 5-6 hours of karate and kickboxing a week too


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I calorie count & learnt about portion control and its the only thing thats worked for me. I do little/no exercise apart from housework, and running around after 2 toddlers! I've tried every fad diet & weight loss diet & none worked (for long anyway!). I'm doing this so I can eventually not have to think about food as much as I did, or worry about the cal/fat content. As a life-long yo-yo'er this is a lifestyle change I decided to make- food will no longer rule my life! LOL! Basically to lose weight you need to burn off more cals than you eat- while ensuring you eat enough to fuel your body's daily activities. Fruit is great, but try and keep it for snacks? It won't help to keep you 'full' enough to ward off hunger pangs for long. Eat a good breakfast (it'll kickstart your metabolism in the morning) that will keep you full til lunch if possible. Try and have some lean protein with each meal (keeps you full & is essential for keeping muscl healthy) and eat as 'clean' as possible- i.e. no ready-meals, takeaways etc & keep walking- you should drop the weight in no time? HTH?
i have tryed dieting before but failed because i didnt keep it up for long enough and now i find i can lose the weight by not having any snacks or having fruit for snacks, when i have lost the weight im going to continue with my healthy diet and exercise


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
I tried WW but didn't realise that eating mountains of 'free' foods meant I wouldn't lose! LOL! Kidding- I know its worked great for some, and I did lose a little on it, but I needed to deal with my portion control as well as eating right? I still sort of add up points in my head when preparing meals?.... ;)
I'm going to do this Aspire Channel Swim its 22 miles in 12 weeks and in the comfort of you're own pool! At least that should help me lose weight for a while!


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I'm doing slimming world. I've done weightwatchers in the past but I get on better with sw, as you're not always counting points and feeling hungry. I find it makes me eat healthier too. I'm not really exercising yet, I know I should.


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I'm just calorie counting which I'm finding works for me. I write down what I eat and the calories in an online diary ( The Online Diary - Join today, it's free! ) every day and what exercise I've done. As far as exercise goes I try and go to the gym 2-3 times a week, do more walking, use stairs instead of lifts etc. :) All the little things add up.

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