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Hi, I'm New 23 Stone And Love This Site


I know I can do it..
Hi All,

For the last couple of days I've been reading threads on this site and I must say, It's impressive! I think it's great how you all help each other against, in my case, the battle of the belly!

I'm 5'6, 23 stone and I think finally, enough is enough! I've yo-yo'd all my life. At the age of 2 I was 2 stone, 3 - 3 stone, 12 - 12 stone, 16 - 16 stone and i'm 30 now and 23 stone! I really need to get a grip because like everyone, it's really getting me down. Low self esteem, lack of confidence, lack of energy, shy, get embarassed easy, self conscious and that's all I need to do is get cracking! I don't know if anyone else is the same but I feel soooo much happier on a diet I have no idea why I don't stick to one!
So anyway, I'm going to be popping on this site very often because I think it's fab! Hopefully, share some weight loss with all of you... well done, loads of you have done amazingly well.
As my boyfriend says to me 'chins up' and be happy.
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Hi Tracey, and welcome to Minis :) Good luck on your weight loss journey hun, you will find loads of support here :)
Welcome to Minis Tracey. You are in the right place for help, advice, support and a bit of a giggle along the way.

Good luck with your weight loss and let us know how you are getting on.

Hi and welcome. I started at 20 st 9 lb and so know what it is like to have a lot to lose. I can't see the whole picture yet scary but am breaking it into manageable chunks of 7 lb. Have now lost 22 lb. And I'm taking this one day at a time.

have you thought about how you are going to lose the pounds? We have many successes onhere with lots of different diets

Good luck

Irene xx


I know I can do it..
Thanks for the welcome...
That's an impressive pic porgeous... WAW well done!

I'm thinking of doing the Weight Watchers diet, i've been looking through and I think it's by far the easiest as long as you're kinda prepared. I'm hoping to throw as much exercise in as I can, so hopefully that'll get me even more motivated, but this site is really good for advice, tips and just generally reading what others have to say is motivation in itself x
We have lots of successful WW slimmers on here - Irene above has done well on it ... and our resident WW Queen Starlight will give you lots of inspiration .. I think she's lost 11 stone on it!
Hiya, welcome to the site. It's do nice to have a place to come and share this part of my life with other people who understand. I'm sure you will feel the same way.x


always lurkin around!
good luck tracy u can do it!!:girlpower:
Hi Tracey,

Just read your post and just want to say a big welcome too and you have definitely come to the right place. :)

Hey hun, Fancy seeing ya here...lol. Well I have just joined this week and have to say this site is pretty impressive as well. Everyone is lovely here!! Hope the hols went good, ya have to ring and tell me all about it!! Take care, chat soon...


I know I can do it..
Thanks all...

well, when coming on here I was going to do the WW diet, but.. i've now got an appt with the CDC on friday. I am soooooooo up for this diet! Can't wait to get started, the sooner the better! :) It's been so inspiring reading this forum that i've been raving about it to lots of people. I just hope I get as much success as everyone else doing the CD. I know it's a psychological thing, but not allowed to have ANY food will suit me. Either all or nothing lol so, this IS going to work :D


I know I can do it..
Hi Toe, I had my meeting with the CDC this morning and waiting now for the docs to sign the form. I'm looking forward to start the diet :) What diet are you doing? how you feeling? Well done on the losing 3 stone, that's Great!!

Hi Janey, Yes hun, we're getting your message on the thread :)

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