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Hi!!! I'm new and I don't know what happened!!!!

I rejoined SW last Thursday. It has been two years since I left SW and all that weight I lost, managed to find me again....with a few friends :cry:
I didn't want to start last week with Valentine's Day and the kids being off school, but thought just do it, so it's not another week of pounds sneaking in!!

Anyway, I only followed the plan on Friday and Monday :sigh: I had been promising 'himself' a steak and mushroom pie for V Day and didn't want to sit there and watch him eat it to himself.......then I had a few drinks and a few more......I had a stupid roast dinner on Sunday and cake.......basically, I was thinking, once the kids go back to school next week, I will give it 100%

I could not make class this morning with the kids being off school still, so I went to my consultants other class last night...excuses coming out of my ears......and I heard well done, you have lost 5 lb :bliss:then I was really angry with myself, I wish I had food optimised 110% :(

Oh well, it has gave me more of an incentive as I feel like I have began my journey to Skinnydom!!!
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firstly well done and congrats on coming back and loosing 5lbs! ive gotta say i feel the same every week as althogh i have lost each week i know apart from the first 2 weeks i havent done it 100% and then i get weighed and i thnk wha would it have been if only id not eaten this that or the other.. then i think ill do it next week.. thats what keeps me going, the weights going the right way and its a challenge for me everyweek to try and be 100%! dont be discouraged just take the challenge and go with it ill join u in skinnydom very soon!!! llol
nic x


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Hi welcome to the forum and well done on the 5lb. We can all do the 'what ifs' but they don't change a thing! What if you hadn't enjoyed your weekend? You may have lost another lb but you wouldn't have had a good valentines day! This is a lifestyle not a quick fix diet so enjoy life and you might lose weight at a slower rate but at least you will have fun doing it! x

Mrs V

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Hi there and welcome!!
Firstly well done on the loss! Dont beat yourself up over the slip, as long as you get back on plan and eat loads of speed foods it shouldnt catch you up.

Good luck with your journey!!


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Hi and congrats on a great result for your first week. The only thing I would say is that when we get away with maybe not optimising 100% for a week we then do it for another and then maybe another and before we know it we have gained and the weight is going up not down. Good luck with your journey and here's to another good loss next week.
Thank you for all your kind comments! :D
Well done, on all your weight losses!!! This place is great, I can't get over all the before and after pics....real people and real progress! I need to take pics of myself and do measurements, to SEE me shrinking!

I am on a super speed highway now.:8855:

I have the worst tootchache in the world, a filling has came out and I can only get in at the dentists on Tuesday morning :cry: At least it will assist my weight loss next weigh in ;) I need to sleep sitting up or the pain wakes me up??


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Ooooh toothache is horrible, you poor thing. I hope they sort it out for you on Tuesday

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