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hi im new and im useless

S: 13st9lb C: 12st2lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 1st7lb(10.99%)
Your not useless........ You just need a kick up the backside like ME!! everyday i start, i am great untill about 8:30pm and then i'm like the devil been let loose... WHY i cant explain, and yes it makes me upset and then i go and do the same blinking thing all OVER again!!!

I really dont no how i will sort myself out!!! but i no i have too

Good Luck


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Weight loss is very often a problem if you are not in the right mind set, I have in the past tried to diet and failed.

This time I approached my doctor who put me on antidepressants which allowed me to change my mind set.

Now I'm not suggesting that this would work for others, however if you do have a problem with depression a doctor can help, and if not then they are also good people to speak to about weight loss in general.

I was scarred to go at first as I thought that she would judge me about my weight, I couldn't have been more wrong, she has been amazingly supportive and I've now lost 21lbs in just 6 weeks by doing nothing but changing the way I eat and doing more exercise (which has also helped my moods) I'm not saying that I don't still get down days, of course I do, but they are much more few and in between.

You need to acknowledge that being overweight is an issue that can be overcome, it just takes time, effort and determination.

Good luck, there are many people on here that will support you through your journey, I hope you find the presence of mind to start that journey.


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The others above used wise words. I just want to add that you have to trust yourself more. Our minds are powerful, and I assure you that the day you belive you can do it, you really do it;)

Besides, you are just a little overweight, I'm sure you'll reach your goals and we're here tu support you. I'm not overweight neither (I never was) but I know how much we can suffer when we overeat or binge (being slim/normal doesn't make us immune to binges and emotional eating as you may know...), but I'm so much better now. I still slip up sometimes, I still have an "all or nothing" mentality from time to time, but now I believe I can be in the middle and, just because of that thinking, I am really in the middle most of the time.

How are you today? Hope you feel better:)

*positive energies and supportive hugs*
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Never feel guilty about what you have eaten. It's already eaten. Feeling bad does you no good, its a lose lose situation. Sure plan to make the right decisions and eat healthily to the best of your ability, but never feel bad about something as trivial as what you have eaten. Things can get blown out of perspective when we focus on something for a long time like most of us do with our diets. But lets not forget the reason we are slimming in the first place, to make us healthier AND happier.

:) tomorrow is another day, and you can start again as many times as it takes you to find the right method for you.

Gl <3 !!