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Hi - I'm new - and start tomorrow!

Hello :)

I have just got back from the Dr's who has agreed to sign my form, although I have to go back next week to collect it as she's busy! She halfheartedly listened to my heart, said she'd check BP then realised I'd had it done recently (4 mos ago!) and waved me on my way. A bit unprofessional, but hey ho - she has agreed which is the first hurdle!

My first class is tonight! It's 8-10pm, and I'm bricking it. Wondering if I'll be the biggest there..........and then wondering what I've let myself in for.

I'm not totally sure of my weight, it's appx 21st - I want to get down to somewhere between 11 and 13 stones. I have lost weight before on Slimming World, but that was a looooooong time ago, and pre-kids! When I got down to 13st from 18 I felt amazing, so can only start to imagine how fab I'll feel if I can stick to LL.

A bit about me - I'm Sarah, and am 35. I'm a sahm, and have 2 kids, both boys, who are 11 and 3. I'm married, and we all live on the Lancs coast (aka Blackpool!).

I have been reading for weeks, and feel lucky to have stumbled over such a warmhearted bunch of ladies to hopefully share my journey with.

Onwards and upwards - last day of food today with my fave of Mexican for tea tonight ........ and am enjoying my last drinks of Pepsi max too (which I feel I'll miss more than food!).

Thats my lot for now - look forward to reading more from you all.
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has started again!!
Welcome Sarah, to the crazy world of Lighter Life! Glad you joined us!

Not always an easy ride, but stick with Minis, follow the rules and keep posting for help, advice etc and you will do it in no time at all!!

PS. Just being nosy now... Did your GP charge you for that "check up"? Mine was almost as brief, and I was charged £20 for the privilege!!!


One Day at a Time
Welcome Sarah - I started LL yesterday so you'll be just behind me. My Doc was exactly the same - really couldn't care less - didn't check my notes blah blah blah. Still she signed and charged me £20 for the privilige!

Good luck on your journey - I'm sure you will get all the support you need from here.
Good Luck!!!

I started just over a week ago so I'm new to it too, I've got about the same amount as you to lose so it will be fab to see where we are in a few weeks time.
My first week I meesed about with it too much, but I've been following it the last 4 days solidly and I feel great already, so much more energy than I've had in I don't know how long.
I've just ordered Billy Banks Tae Bo DVD lol, so that shows how much better I feel lol

Keep us posted, maybe set up a diary or something.

My class is 8 till 10 tonight aswell :D

Jennie xx
Good luck

Hi Sarah
Good luck. I am only a newbie. I started LL 11 days ago and my weigh in is tonight. I have not once gone off plan since starting it and actually find it is not too bad! I do feel hungry but just have a glass or two of water.
Good luck - I am sure it is a decision you will not regret.

Thank you all for your replies :)

I don't know what my GP is going to charge - I asked at reception and was told it will be between £16 and £35 :mad: but I have to have it so no point being too mad!

Argh, am feeling cross now - I just contacted the counsellor about me not having the forms, and she's said I can't start 'til I have that form ready.....:sigh: .......my Dr's have said it'll be next Mon/Tue that it's ready. I'm now not sure whether to go to class tonight (she said I'd be welcome to) and then meet to collect my packs when I get my Dr's forms or whether to wait 'til next week. Boo Hiss :(.

Anyway, I'll be around as soon as I DO go on the plan properly!

Sorry to hear that - I had a feeling...

Whether to go or not depends on whether you think you will get anything out of meeting the group members this week. That might be good. If you pick up the packs on Monday or Tuesday, you'll have a few spare days worth to keep some packs at work or in the car or any other place you go regularly in case you forget to take them with you. (I've forgotten to take packs to work on 3 occasions and after the first time kept a supply there.) So that's not a bad thing.

If you decide not to go tonight and start properly next week, it would be a fabulous idea to low carb and start increasing your water so the withdrawals aren't too bad. I didn't click that this was a low carb diet and ate pizza, pasta and bread the week before. I thought I was going to die the first couple of days! (But that does go - day 3 for me.)

Good luck whatever you decide.
I think what I was a bit annoyed about was my friends' counsellor lets them join and as long as their med. forms are in by the following week, will let them weigh in.

Never mind. I'll go tonight I think, get it all out of the way, and like you say, use the time 'til the forms are back, wisely! Although one thing, it's my best friends' sons' birthday on Saturday, so at least I can go for the day without worrying! :rolleyes:

I called the Dr's to see what could be done, to be told to call back tomorrow........bit late then! lol.

Oh, I definitely think you should go tonight.

We had two ladies who had to start a week later than us because of their forms not being signed in time, but officially we all started on the first week because they came to the first meeting.

Although they didn't start the diet the same week as we did, that first week when we were all on the plan, it spurred them on to eat sensibly and they both returned the next week having lost some weight (they did get weighed the same week as us but I don't know if this was their official weight or whether she just did it to check their BMIs).

I wouldn't worry about being the biggest one there - everyone is in the same boat and is there because they have the same problems with food.

I hate it when doctors are so unsympathetic! Mine was great and didn't charge me one penny.
Hello Newbies

Welcome to LighterLife! Just to say, try to start as early as you can. I started Foundation without GP's consent (so could not start on the packs but attended the first session) and I am glad I didn't delay. It helps to get your head round what is about to happen.

There is another thread on here about starting (so do take a look)


and, in the meantime, here are some tips that I prepared earlier...

Good luck with your journey! And hope the following is useful!

Take care and really look forward to hearing your progress:

Hi Mini Mouse

Better late than never, I hope. I agree with everyone's suggestions above; my neighbour has also taken the plunge! She is off to the introductory session this week and wanted some tips. I found myself answering the "how did you do it?" questions, so here's my guide, based on what worked and what didn't for me (and I'm not "there" yet, of course):


It's really important to start the programme with a positive frame of mind - most people do tend to feel a mixture of excitement and dread. If you've seen the foodpacks before starting, your mind (and other people!) will be telling you that you couldn't possibly survive on four sachets (or three and a bar by the end of week one) a day! Suspend disbelief and start finding out which flavours you like.

There is something for everyone - I particularly disliked the vegetable pack and I tried it at the beginning, middle and end of Foundation and my reaction was always the same. Thanks but no thanks.

To cook or not to cook, that is the question..

I did not have access to a microwave until after Foundation, which was no bad thing as I was ready for variety. I think being able to make 'crisps' would have curbed my obsession with the real thing so if you are a creative cook (I definitely wasn't), you may find having a microwave feeds your inner chef without deviating from the plan.

It is really important to eat all four packs, every single day. No more, no less. And one bar, absolute tops!

And if you still have to cook for other people, make the first week a ready-meal fest. Fortunately, there are enough brands out there that aren't loaded with sugar, salt and fat. The critical thing is to minimise temptation in those early days.

There are enough places on the internet (<a href="http://www.minimins.com">www.minimins.com</a >) to find some recipes for packs but my advice is keep it simple (soups and shakes only) in the first few weeks.


LighterLife is hardcore - no two ways about it. Going into ketosis can range from being absolutely fine to absolutely not fine. I felt cold and tired for a LONG time after starting the programme but when I look back at my diet, it's not really surprising that it was in shock!

Try to drink as much water as possible - my neighbour doesn't drink any so I advised her to start with one glass a day and build up from then. Otherwise, zero to four litres is a hell of a leap. And drinking water (more than four litres once you are into the programme) really does speed up the weight loss (but don't ask me how).

You are what you eat (or what you don't eat!); lots of people find that LighterLife radically alters their bodily functions. Be prepared and get advice from your LLC about how to handle your particular situation. FYI - I needed 'help' and found psyllium husks in capsule form worked for me BUT you need to check if they affect ketosis.

Ketosis is KING in LighterLife.


It's absolutely vital that you make the commitment to attend the sessions; ok, let's be honest, the DVDs aren't 100% fantastic BUT it's the one chance to really learn and understand why and how you got to the point (wth your weight) when LighterLife seemed like the only option left. Many people do LighterLife becauuse of the "now or never" situation. As you work together, in a closed group, you will be able to connect with people who have had a similar relationship to food as you. It's liberating to know that these people understand exactly what you mean when you talk about food in a way that perhaps friends, partners and family may not.

By making a commitment to attending the sessions, you are making a commitment to yourself. Many people doing LighterLife have forgotten how to do that - make themselves a priority. Many of us are busy (or have been busy) taking care of everyone else and, somehow, we got left behind (to eat all the pies)!


It's really important that you like your LighterLife Counsellor. If you feel you do not connect, don't go to his or her classes. Shop around. Your Counsellor is the one who will support you through this journey so make sure that you feel comfortable.

My own view - which maybe controversial - is that it is much, much better to find a Counsellor who has done the programme because they needed to (not because it was part of their securing the franchise). For example, I have issues with food but I have no idea what it's like to be anorexic so I couldn't really advise someone how to handle it. So how can someone really empathise with me, I wonder, if they have never been overweight?


This is absolutely vital and something I did not do in Foundation. I was too scared to set the SMART goals in week one or two. But EVEN IF you don't think you'll ever achieve those goals, write them down. I wish I had done this because I think Foundation would have been a lot less of a rocky ride (emotionally and mentally) if I had.


Contribute to the group discussions during your LighterLife sessions. What you put in, you get out. Sometimes, I worried that I said too much during the sessions but people were glad to see someone be so honest (about their food anxieties).

Do your homework - even if your LLC doesn't set you any. The Green Foundation book has enough exercises to keep you busy during the week, between your LighterLife sessions.


Apart from walking 10,000 steps everyday, monitored by the LighterLife pedometer, I did no exercise. This was a mistake. I would not advocate doing serious cardiovascular workouts but The Bodydoctor's (Bodydoctor Fitness - Fitness, Slimming, Training and Weight loss programmes) stomach plan is the business. If you start, as you mean to go on, you may be helping to prevent loose skin by ensuring that you are toning up as you move through Foundation.


LighterLife is a personal journey BUT should not be embarked alone (I don't think); there are enough people online to give you a virtual network, should you need it. Tell immediate friends and family so that they can cheer you on. Find out what works for you!

These are the blogs that I recommend for the beginner:

Live to Slim - Bring It On

My CambridgeLife - iBlog, Do You?

eiras lighter life - iBlog, Do You?

Hunger for More! | Diet, fitness, weight loss blog

My LighterLife Journey - iBlog, Do You?

julie's lighterlife journey - iBlog, Do You?

Lisa's Lighterlife diet - iBlog, Do You?



Some people doing LighterLife tell everyone they know! I admire that confidence. Some, like me, are so petrified that it wouldn't work that we operate on a need-to-know basis!

The best tip for awkward social situations is to say you are on a medically-supervised diet and the doctor has been very strict with you.


LighterLife may, you think, be all about the scales and your weightloss. But it's about so much more; it's about your mind. Successful dieters acknowledge that until they changed their mindset, they continued to yo-yo, losing and gaining the same weight, over and over again.

This is the one time where you can make yourself the priority and focus and it is indeed a golden time to sort out those niggling issues (or big, serious issues) that helped you to get to the weight you are at now.

Ignore the psychological issues that come up during Foundation...at your peril!


Yes, there IS a chance loose skin will appear but it isn't nearly as bad as you think, particularly if you are toning your muscles (arms, legs and tums) and moisturising regularly. The skin does take time to catch up with the diet so give yourself plenty of time after Foundation to see how things are progressing.


Clear your diary! That is one of the best things I can recommend although others may disagree. I suggest this because abstinence is hard enough without having to negotiate a social minefield. This really is YOUR time and the one and only time you will probably be able to make yourself the top priority.

Social events will always continue to happen, regardless of whether you miss them for a few months, or so.


Don't eat food that isn't on the programme, which pretty much rules out...err...everything. Don't cheat because it's true that it really is hard to get back on board, however strong you believe your motivation to succeed is. If you are aware of the pitfalls, you have almost cracked LighterLife.

Hope that helps! I am going to write one for Development now...
Mrs Lard
c/o The Lard Arms

Come and have a look at my LighterLife blog. All welcome!

The Lard Arms
Hi Sarah - I agree with the advice here - it's great to start with the group as soon as you can - you start preparing mentally and getting to know each other.

If you can get your completed medical form by the Week 1 Stop-In your counsellor may let you start the packs then - we aren't allowed to give out packs until we've received a clear medical form.

It's also a great tip to gradually reduce your carbohydrate intake as you get ready to start abstinence - you have a much softer landing in the first week.

And also very useful to have spare packs everywhere - when I was doing the programme I had spares at work, in my bag, in the car - just to make sure I always had what I needed.

Good luck with your programme, and enjoy the transformation!
Just had first shake!

Well, I have now started. I have just finished my first shake - and it wasn't tooooooo bad :sigh: - I Had Raspberry which I understand is one of the nicer ones?! The only error I made was my water wasn't really ice cold, and I detest non ice cold milk - so I have quickly put water in the fridge for my next shake.

So I'm officially now a LL'er :clap: - only 99 days to go :giggle:
Congratulations....... The only way is down from here!

I did LL i didnt cheat and i have been maintaining now since March!!! I have all nice foods now... curries... pizza.... burgers... in proportion ofcourse!!:D well sometimes.... but i am slim!!

stick in there sparkle.... the time passes sooooooo quickly!!
Hi Sarah and welcome
im a newbie too
which diet is it your all starting? im not very good with all the abbreviations yet not sure what LL is

anyway's how is it going have you found the weekend hard I always struggle with the weekends

all the best

x Tracy x
Hi Tracey

It's lighter life. Which plan are you following?

I'm just eating my banana milkshake with boiling water as a custard, and I can actually say it's yummy! Phew!

GOOD LUCK with your plan :)


One Day at a Time
Glad you're getting on so well Sparkle-Star.

I'm on Day 6 of my 1st week of LL and it really hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be. Once you're in Ketosis (about day 3 or 4) you really don't feel real hunger. Obviously you'll still be hit by emotional hunger and/or food smells. But it really be "I want that because" not "My stomach feels empty".

I really am suprised at how not hungry I'm feeling. Hope it all goes well hun and keep posting - I really think it helps


Silver Member
Hello there Sparkles - just cheering you on a bit and to let you know that you'll be in the 19s before you know it.

Keep going!

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