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  1. hayles

    hayles Full Member

    Hi, i just started on Xenical at the end of May (prescribed by my doctor) i have been looking at forums all day and really excited to have found you guys - makes a change to reading all the horror stories there is out there!
    i have had no 'accidents' so far which is good i guess but then i havent cheated and if i thought the meal i was going to have had more than 15g fat in it i didnt take my tablet (as suggested by my nurse).
    i have always been big, but just recently decided i really wanted to do something about it - hence the trip to the doctors. i live with my boyfriend and we have a really healthy diet, but im a sucker for snacking, i work stupid hours in a hotel so sometimes its/was (!) a case of grab what you can when you can/yummy staff lunches/a chocolate bar on the way home. i also love baking so when there was cake in the cupboard id eat it!!! it also doesnt help that my boyfriend can east WHATEVER he likes and not put a pound on!
    so here i am and feeling really happy and positive about starting out - ive read some of the threads already and got some really good tips and really positive feelings from how much support you give to each other! any other tips or hints would really be welcomed as im such a pesimist with my weight im convinced im not going to loose anything!
    wish me luck!!!!:)
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  3. babymable

    babymable Full Member

    Welcome and Good Luck !!!!
  4. flabbybumbum

    flabbybumbum On a mission

    :welcome2:to the xenical sub forum.
    You sound motivated and I'm sure you will be fine, we are all here to support each other.
    Good luck x
  5. shazboo

    shazboo 'this time i'll do it!'

    welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss, i live near Preston,so not too far from you!!!
    looks like you are determined to lose the weight,so well done and hope to read your posts
  6. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeee =] x
  7. slimmerkay

    slimmerkay Silver Member

    Welcome and good luck :D

    I come from Preston. I moved to East Lancashire when I married but still have family and friends in Preston.
  8. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever


    Welldone for taking the first step to the new you!!

    Were all in this together!!

    Gooood luck

    x x x x
  9. chocolateandskyblue

    chocolateandskyblue Full Member

    Welcome Hayles,

    If you stick within the fat rules hun it is rare that a person doesnt lose weight with xenical.

    Im sure we will be reading about your losses in no time.

    Kae hun, All i can think after seeing your reply is High School Musical......my 5 year old is crazy on it !!!!! "All in this together"!! LMAO
  10. loveheart25

    loveheart25 Member

    welcome and good luck to you x
  11. hayles

    hayles Full Member

    thanks for all the wishes of good luck guys!! and its great to see some preston girlies around, makes you feel like yours not going it alone! im sure ill be letting you know about how i get on (hopefully) either that or ill be on here moaning at you all.

    hope everyone has a good day
  12. fight_the_urge

    fight_the_urge Full Member

    :welcome2: to the forum :D

    I've only started Xenical myself (3rd day) and I dont get weighed for another 3 weeks. But I'm HOPEFUL that i've lost something!! If we stick with the low fat diet & exercise I'm sure we'll lose something?!? *fingers crossed*

    At the moment I feel positive... which helps so much. So lady.... THINK POSITIVE!! :banana dancer:

    & you might find the fact that you have to go back to your doc/nurse for a weigh-in might help you too ;) It is with me as I dont want to go back and for her to say... you've lost nothing or worse... you've gained!!

    Goodluck with it!
  13. hayles

    hayles Full Member

    i agree with you, going to see the nurse is another incentive - like you say you dont want a negative reaction from her and she has the power for my next prescription!!!

    i will think positive as much as i can and keep me updated with how your getting on!!!
  14. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Good Luck :)
  15. fight_the_urge

    fight_the_urge Full Member

    I will do ;) My first weigh-in with the doc isnt until the 30-06-09 :eek: I dont think I'll weigh myself before then... :rolleyes: i'll try not to!
  16. mystikalgem

    mystikalgem New Member

    hi im new here too, been on xenical since december and have lost 2 stone so far, not as much as i wud of liked! i have an underactive thyroid which i am on meds for too so that dont help. im not following any diet, just trying to eat healthy and low fat, dont wanna get into fad eatin patterns, thery is if i get into good eatin habits now it will be easier to keep the weight of when i eventually get there lol.x
  17. hayles

    hayles Full Member

    i really think that it will be easier to eat healthily when i/we stop taking the tablets, ive been on them since the end of may and i havent had anything naughty at all, which really does show i dont need that chocolate bar i think i do!! and unlike other diets ive done im not starving becuase im filling myself up with good stuff!!

    you have done really really well to loose 2st, i cant ever imagine myself loosing that amount, so you should be pleased with yourself!!!

    how long did it take for weight to start coming off after you started taking the tablets in Dec??

  18. fight_the_urge

    fight_the_urge Full Member

    I'm like you, not really following a diet, I find it hard to with being a fussy a*se! Just been keeping to low fat stuff.

    Dont knock your weight loss, :0clapper:2 stone is great!! The slower it comes off the longer it stays off ;)
  19. loveheart25

    loveheart25 Member

    I've managed to stop snacking especially in the evenings when the kids have gone to bed and im sat on my own!! Which has proved to me also that I didnt need to snack, but im also finding Im not eating as much during my meals now either!

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