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Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by Drunk Tinkerbell, 16 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Drunk Tinkerbell

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    Hi all

    I am a serious yoyo dieter. I've done everything, ww, slimming world, cambridge diet, JUDD, 5:2, atkins... I've lost a bit of weight on all of them and then stopped and put it all, plus more, back on.

    I'm desperate to adopt something I can stick to long term so I'm giving 5:2 a go. I'm going on holiday in 10 weeks and I cannot go as the size I am... I'm going on holiday with family and a member of my family loves to joke about my weight :(

    At the moment I am 5ft 4 and I weigh 12st 5lbs. My BMI is almost obese. I have two beautiful children and one of them called me fat the other day (she's 6). I want to be healthy for my children.

    I wish I could feel more motivated but at the moment I just feel so miserable with myself. I've said 'I'm starting again' literally about a million times before.

    Hopefully this time will be different. First fast day is today and my intention is to not eat all day until tea time xx
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    Hope you got on ok today! People can really be cruel can't they? Sounds like a lot to cope with xx

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