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Hi im new user need help

Hi there! I need help! I've had a baby 6 months ago. I breastfed for Aprox 3 months, but since stopping I've my weight has come back. I need help to get rid Of stomach area. I don't know where to start. When I eat I feel guilty and I've actually been sick. I just want to feel good again. Xx
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Hello R4j, I got myself into a bit of a cycle like that and it felt nearly impossible to get out of it. Once I found a way of getting rid of the guilt and changing the way I thought abut eating it became much easier. I've recently started following Slimming world again. It really does work and it has changed the way I think about food because I'm allowed to enjoy it without feeling guilty and with results on the scales too! There are lots of other options other than SW though, have a look at posts and threads from people following different plans and see what you think would suit you the most. I also find listening to Hypno CDs, like Paul Mckenna and others, have helped to change the way I felt about food ...and this website of course! I think Minimins and keeping a food diary here has made all the difference. Check out the inspiration slideshow too! If they did it there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to..

Good luck! You can do it!
Aww thank u babe. It really is difficult. Well I've changed 2 things today. 1. Registered for slimming world and 2. Brought some weight watcher scales. I'm worries will I be lazy to make the slimming world food? Coz it's not easy when your making separate food for your baby too. Xxx
It'll be a lot easier than you think because it is based on 'normal' unprocessed food. Upping fruit and veg, cutting out the rubbish and making little changes that make a difference. If I can do it anyone can as I have no willpower at all, I love my food and money is tight. I have a few things always at home that I rely on..most people do. For me it is frozen veg, mullerlight yoghurts, swapping beef mince for Quorn mince and a few others. Once you get into it it will be fine. Congratulations btw!! x
Aww thanks hub. Do u know what I don't even kno how much I weigh! Going to start tomorrow!
Yea I need more recipes as some things I don't like eg prawn... Etc. I'm the same money is tight as I'm currently on mat leave. It's difficult. X what types of food have u done? Do u keep a rota? x
What do you like to eat now? It is usually easier to try and find ways of adapting what you already like. What sort of meals do you enjoy? Buy some frylite if you don't already have some because it makes a big difference and is an easy change.
What's frylite? I eat alsorts from indiAn curries to shepherds pie, chicken dinners, fish, chips, crisps, chocolates, mac donalds etc.... X

What do u eat
Frylite is a spray you can use for frying or spraying on things instead of using oil. You can get it from most supermarkets. The diet will be all explained to you when you go to your meeting. I make my own burgers out of lean mince and onion instead of buying them ( free on red days) and I make cottage pie out of quorn mince and don't put butter in the mash (free on green days) . Chicken and other meat is free as long as it is cooked without fat and is without skin. Once you get used to it you will prob find you eat more than you did before. The slimming world threads on this website are great. Just ask a question and you will always have people to help you.
Oops slip of the finger lol. I meant to say good luck and stick with the plan 100 o/o and you will really notice a difference in the first few weeks. if you need any food ideas you can check out the food diary threads on here they will help u? best of luck xx


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Try you're local libary for sw and ww books that's what I did .... Also if you make things from the anabel karmel books for kids you can eat it too it's foods based from fruit and veg and they taste delicious

All the best xx


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That's not failure that's being a parent.....

You know I got a tattoo to remind myself about failure ....

It says:- I can except failing, as everyone fails sometimes, but I can't accept the not trying.


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R4j Kaur said:
Aw yea I know it's true. It's hard to switch off from being a parent xx
Even with the limited time I have with my kids I'd so anything stir just a little bit more.... Still this is why I'm loosing weight for them lol x

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