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Hi, I'm new! Which diet is best? Help!


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Hi Hoola, Welcome to the forum.

Well done in deciding to get to grips with losing a few pounds, you are sure to feel so much better for it, hey?

Diets come in all sorts of ways but personally I prefer the type where learning to adjust food intake and eat healthily is better in the long run of things. Are you thinking of joining a class as you will get good instruction as to what to eat etc.

When you have gotten that far do start up your own diary on here so that you can keep a track of everything and we will know where to find you to see how you are progressing.

All the very best to you :)
Thanks for the welcome Emmaline. I won't be able to join a class & can't exercise very much at the moment (still recovering from illness), but am hoping to make a start with something I can do instantly. Maybe calorie counting? I'm not interested in fad diets, or quick fixes so want it to be a lifestyle change.


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Hi Hoola, you should take a look at the different diet/lifestyle options there are on this forum. It's a great way to see which option might better fit your needs. Everyone is different and we all have different situations, illnesses and likes and dislikes in food.

It's great that you've decided to take charge of your health. I too gained my weight because of an illness, and I wasn't able to exercise or do much for awhile, I was pretty much stuck in bed.

I was doing one diet, but decided it didn't fit my needs properly so I changed diets/lifestyles. But before I did it, I took several days of googling and reading about different weightloss options there were.

Do you know what type of foods do you like to eat? Or foods that you prefer not to eat?
Thanks CaliSweden.

I love fruit & veg, dont really like milk, pasta, porridge & am not crazy about fish. I have a sweet tooth which is my downfall really.

I like cooking, but my energy is limited so I prefer quick & easy to prepare recipes.

I've been having a read & I'm leaning towards Weightwatchers, Slimming World or Calorie Counting.

Any recommendations?


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S: 179lb C: 158lb G: 130lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 21lb(11.73%)
I haven't done any of those before, so I can't really say how they are. I noticed alot of people on here doing Slimming World, it looks like they have a big support group here and in real life.:)

I have a sweet tooth too, I love my carbs, but I love veggies and fruits too. I did the ultra low carb thing, lost weight, but didn't like the fact that I was consuming alot of fat, and not allowed to eat much veggies or fruits. I tend to eat lot of veggies.

I changed recently to GI diet, since it better fit my needs as a diet and lifestyle. They are allowed to eat alot of veggies and fruits, and even carbs, but good for you carbs. I don't even crave sweets because I get to have some fruits throughout the day.

Have a look around and read the forums about how people are doing on Weight watchers, and slimming world to see if their diet/lifestyle will fit your needs. Everyone is differen't so one diet might fit the need for one person, but not fit too well for another.

Let us know what you decide to go with, and I look forward to reading about your updates :)


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I absolutely adore Slimming World and believe that it's great if you have a long-term approach! I've been at it 21 months now (STILL not at target!) but what I have done is lost over 4.5 stone (about 25 kilos) and totally changed my habits whilst still having a life! I eat well and haven't really cut down on my portions so have never felt deprived on it! It's really just healthy eating with a structure!! Nothing is banned and it encourages you to cook from scratch! Everyone who starts SW is shocked at how much food you can actually eat because it defies all the things we ever associated with 'dieting'- small portions, restricted choices, deprivation etc etc.! This is just me talking from experience and I know that different plans suit different people. I strongly believe though that chipping away gradually over a long period of time is the best way to go in order to maintain weight loss and also to have a life! I can also vouch for the fact that the SW section on here is brimming with supportive people, advice and tips! Good luck with whichever plan you choose! X
Thanks girls. I'll read a bit more before deciding on a plan. For today, I have just eaten healthily - fruit, salad, wholemeal bread etc & we're barbecuing for dinner, so I'm thinking a burger or chicken with more salad but no bread.

I'll read more & decide by the end of the week. Thanks again.

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