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hi, im new

hi everyone ive just started on the cambridge diet today, was on slimfast before lasted only a few weeks but the weight loss was too slow for me and i ended up giving up. yup i suffer from lack of motivation! im hoping the results from cd will encourage me to stay on the straight and narrow plus the price should be a motivator on its own! in this recession it does seem expensive but if it works its well worth it. i went to see my cd counsilor who by the way is great, he really helped explain things well and is even ringing up on me daily this week to get me through it lol, trust me i need all the help i can get, im all sorted for the week i just stuck to the shakes as im used to them. was actually really worried about the taste was expecting them to be horrid but they taste alot better than the slimfast shakes which have very little taste. the water is going down well aswell so far, the trip to the loo is exercise in its own im there every few minutes lol.wow i seem to have gone on abit so much for just introducing myself! ive read alot of inspirational posts from all of you and you guys are doing so well i just hope i do as good as you guys, im hoping that this forum will help me stay on the straight and narrow, i know im gana need the help from all of you so i hope to get to know you lot and would appreciate any advice you have to offer. well this is me for now 2 meals down 1 to go (the hardest is yet to come). hope everyone is doing well and look forward to posting alot more (warning: itl probably me just ranting and moaning lol, so please bare with me). once again just want to say hi and goodluck everyone.
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2nd time's a charm!!
Hi Zarina,

I'm on my 5th week and if anyone was going to find it a struggle, it was going to be me! You usually lose quite a bit on your first week and that is such an inspiration to carry on (I lost 12lbs in wk 1). I work in a restaurant and am surrounded by fabulous smelling food every day, so I know it can be tough. You'll probably find the first 2 or 3 days the hardest as you're adjusting to your new way of life, but as long as you keep your water intake up, you should be ok. I know you're used to shakes before, but I would vary your choice as much as possible so that you don't get bored. I'm not a big fan of the shakes (I think it's because I don't think of them as "food"), and much prefer the soups and porridge. I think it's great the amount of choice there is to suit all tastes. Maybe try some of the different things and if you don't like them, just swap them with your counsellor. My counsellor has been a great help. Within a week you'll start to feel different. I don't feel groggy in the mornings anymore - I'm not saying I spring out of bed, but it's definitely not so much of a chore to get going. Be as honest as possible with your counsellor, too, as any slow down in weight loss, they usually have an answer for (time of the month, etc). Keep up the good work!


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Hey Zarina,
Just wanted to say welcome and good luck on your cd journey. You have definatley come to the right place. This forum is very supportive there is always someone around to offer advice....
CD really is a great diet and if you stick with it you see fab results.....
Drink lots of water keep yourself busy and your on the way to being slim.
Good luck x
i only started ss last wednesday as well and i had my cdc come around today for my first wi - i lost 8lb!!! i hope yours is going well. i'm having the same 'exercise' issue with drinking so much water - getting in at least 2.5 litres a day is the hardest bit for me so far!
anyway, just wanted to say hi and good luck to everyone
thanks everyone for the support i really do appreciate it, i honestly think this site will be my saving grace. well i got through day 1 and 2.5litres of water so im proud of myself. i tried going to bed early at about 10 my head and stomach was craving food which made it so difficult to sleep, i ended up waking up several times throughout the night, looks like my early nights will have to start before 9 so i can sleep through the hunger pangs. oh well i survived which is the main thing so bring on day 2 lol(said more confidently than i feel)

mini goals:
get through day 1 -done:happy096:
get through day 2 -done

get through day 3 -done

get through day 4 -done

get through day 5 -done

get through day 6 -done

complete my first week -

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hey Zarina!

Welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie to CD myself. I started on sunday so am on Day 4 at the moment.

I've found so far that my first day on CD was the hardest. I really struggled to finish the shakes etc but you get used to them. I've found i like the choc orange and choc mint ones better with hot water because its just like hot chocolate!

The hunger pangs you are experiencing at the moment will be a thing of the past in a day or two as you start going into Ketosis and that should make the whole thing a whole lot easier for you.

I've been weighing myself every morning to keep myself motivated and have lost 9lbs since Sunday! I'm sure you'll do great in your first week... just keep drinking plenty of water. I know thats now as easy as it sounds because its the part i really struggled with too but it really does make all the difference!

Good luck,
Harley x

Ria C

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I'm always struggling with diets due to slow losses and losing motivation as a consequence..however CD is totally different..I LOVE IT! You
hi guys
I'm quite proud of myself today. I went to Camelot on a school trip with my students and while drinking the water in this heat was fairly easy(!) I stuck to the shakes!!! I had 2 tetra packs and loads of water and nothing else! YEY! It was hard to resist ice cream and all the tempting picnic bits that the students kept offering around but i managed.
However, not so good... i got sunburn on my face! :mad:

well done jammydevil! I'm having the same struggle with the water, drinking all those litres! :D


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I'm with you spoonz!!!! i'm pleased if nearly finished 2ltr bottlesof water!

I'm a newbie here to! my weigh in is on Monday. I have not been 100% true - but proud of what i have done considering I'm an emotional eater and a foodaholic. I lurve the shakes - the more ice you add the frothier yum! So glad I've a mixer tho - would you believe i thought a fork would suffice in les beginnings?

Well done to you all - and i don't know about you but i don't think I'd have done quite so well if did not find this site!!! Bring on the additional costs of bog roll & handwash! xxx
i know the water as good as it is for you takes abit of getting used to, i try my best to aim for 3lts but im lucky if i get the 2.25 litres needed.hi claireydingdongbell we both started the same day, bet your nervous and excited at the same time! ive had to hide away my scales just to avoid temptation, good or bad i just want to get through a whole week of 100% cd withoutout cheating which hasnt been too hard but has been challenging! keep at the water it should get easier and goodluck with mondays first weigh in.
im excited about my 2nd WI tomorrow! I'm sticking to 2.5 litres and so far i've managed it. keep running out of toilet paper and have to keep restocking though!
my mum keeps telling me my bum looks smaller, but i'm waiting for the official results. i've been resisting the temptation to weigh and measure myself. how about you ladies?

Red Mich

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Hi Jammydevil
Hope the weigh in went well today!
I think you've got a really healthy attitude towards it - when you weigh yourself everyday you can get hung up and obsessed and that's not a good thing.

Personally I wait for weigh in day.
Well - I did. I started in January and lost just short of 2 stone before my dad had to go into hospital for heart bypass surgery. It was complicated and long-winded but now he's fine and healthy and I'm ready to restart. Put a few pounds back on, but luckily only a few.
Can't wait to see my CDC next week and get weighed again - hopefully those couple of pounds will have gone and I'll be back on the right track!

Got 4 months to go until I'm 40 - that was my target date, so hopefully I'll make it!
hi all
it did go well!!! literally just under a stone in two weeks - can hardly believe it!
hope your restart goes well red mich!

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