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Hi, I'm new!

Welcome! You'll find loads of useful stuff on here, it'll keep you busy ;)

I'm new too, joined the other day but haven't posted anything yet. This looks a great site with loads of info, I'm looking forward to getting tips and making friends :)

Hondapeeps, how do you get a pic on your profile?
Now your asking...give me a few min and i'll find the how to link for you :)
hi to both of u welcome to minimins good luck losing the lbs :)
welcome to miniminis, you'll love it here people are very supportive and knowledgeable!

I'm curious about your diet... what do you eat on a daily basis? xx

I usually start with a banana with oats for breakfast

Some fruit of veg for lunch

A ready meal from the Simply Kids range at M & S

Snacks are Weight watchers cookies or cereal bar

I try to keep my calories around 600
Sorry if I say that, but 600 calories is way too little! You should eat at least the double of that, and especially at lunch time you're starving yourself. You risk that your body will cannibalise itself, e.g. eat its own muscles to survive. This will show on the scales a great weight loss, but it's the wring weight to lose. It will just slow down and block completely your metabolism, so that when you will be fed up about this starving diet and start eating again, you will put back on in fat the muscle weight that you've lost, making the result be even more unhealthy!!!!

Why don't you try to have a look at some sensible diet? If you don't fancy the idea of spending money for dieting, try to go to Free Diet Plans at SparkPeople it's a website that is FREE, gives you a diet which, IF YOU WANT, you can follow, or it just gives you the number of carbs, proteins, fat and fibre you should be eating for a healthy weight loss and then you can track the food you choose to eat and see how you compare.

Because it's free, there's no excuse as for why you wouldn't use it. But PLEASE don't kill yourself like that! :(
I've not been on here in a few days, been absolutely manic at work! Got off over 5 hrs late on sat :(
Thanks for the link hondapeeps, I'll give that a go.

Ebonyafro, your diet sounds a bit severe. Why not give slimming world a go? It's really flexible, healthy and easy to follow. Also cos its healthy eating hopefully is easier to maintain when you get to your target weight. That's what I'm hoping anyway!

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