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Hi I'm New!

hi and welcome to LT the trips to the loo will settle once your body adjust to the intake of water please make sure you sip the water during the course of the day rather than glugging it all at once

When you get weighed the results will all be worth it

keep strong

XX Sharron
Thanks everyone. I'm glad to hear the loo trips should slow down i'm looking forward to it! I get weighed tomorrow night so i'll let you know how i got on on Thursday!! :p
Welcome aboard :) I restarted the same day as you - are you looking forward to the first WI?
Hi yep i am eager to see what i have lost i've seen alot of people saying they lost 10lb+ in the first week which i would love but am doubtful i have, i think my expectations might be a bit high though! :wave_cry: Sure one day at a time! How you going so far?
Well this is my second time around and it's going well to be honest. I expected it to be a lot harder. Is this your first time on the diet? The first weeks loss is always the biggest due to water loss and you may well find you'll be suprised - a sneaky WI every morning tells me I've already lost 8lb so you'll prolly have a lovely weigh day too :)
Hi everyone i'm new to the site and new to Lipotrim too, i started it last thursday and haven't found it too bad going without food but have been struggling with the amount of water i have to drink and of course the amount of loo trips that come with it. :D

Haha welcome and well done for getting there im just finished my first week!!!

Loo trips seem to get better dont worry

buy a sports bottle (1LTR in tesco) you'll get that amount into ya in no time.

good luck
Hiya, I started today.. well done for getting this far and good luck with your weigh in xxx


I'm losing it big time !!
Hi Aggietrim,
I'm new here too, started a week last Monday. Just think of all the extra exercise you're getting lol .
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Yep this is my first attempt and i've my mind set to stick to it with all temptation out of the way, except for all the food tv ads and takeaways i pass each day to and from work!:mad:

:D Playdoll i never thought about all that exercise you're right i have even more incentive now to keep drinking the boring water!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Welcome Aggietrim and playdoll you're both doing well. I'm on my 2nd day of my restart, and finding it quite easy (which is worrying!).

I lost 2 stone 13lbs in 10 weeks in september, then went on holiday for 2 weeks, 3 weeks off for xmas then 2 weeks off waiting for my sons 18th (enough excuses do you think) and luckily stayed the same. I have set up a valentines challenge and will go for an early weigh in on Friday and hope to be back on track.

Enough rambling what I meant to say is good luck with your weigh ins.XX:)
Hiya aggie, trim,
Welcome and good luck, support on here is fantastic keep it up, I too have had a dodgy couple of weeks but managed to lose still with a lovely loss today, its full steam ahead for me I am so glad any excuses not to comply 100% is now out the way but so glad i did start before Xmas I wouldn't be nearly 2 stone lighter in 4 weeks otherwise :)
Welcome aggietrim, hope ya are settling in well and enjoying your trips to the loo.....lol. Yea its a bit rough at the start but it does settle down after the third week. Running up and down stairs is the best exercise ya can get....lol, anyways gud luck on your weight loss journey, we are 100% behind ya and hope ya reach your goal, take care
Welcome and good luck, I'm sure you'll be thrilled to bits with your WI tomorrow, I look forward to hearing how well you do.

Thanks all for your encouragement, last night i found really hard driving through the town seeing all the takeaways but i kept driving and went home for more WATER!!! GRRR! :rolleyes:
I don't think i've lost loads but can tell in my clothes i've lost something so tonight with my weigh in i hope will be the boost i need to continue!:confused:
I take a 2litre bottle of water to work with me, I always aim to have drank half by lunchtime and then the rest before hometime. The rest can be made up in the evening along with hot drinks. You'll notice a change in your hair skin and nails too, especially if you never really drank much water before.

Good luck with the weigh in!! xx

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