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Hi I'm Starting tomorrow, need diet buddies

Hi everyone I'm starting exante tomorrow and really need any help/support anyones willing to give. I've got quite a bit to lose and I really want to do this. Although I am keeping it quiet from many of my family members as they seem to enjoy making comments about my weight. (I dont include my dh and kids in that)
I'm determined to do this as I have tried every diet under the sun and I am fed up with losing and gaining back the same stone!!lol Anyway any help would be really appreciated!:)

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Hi Clair started today, so i will keep an eye out for you and we can compare notes
Hey Clair welcome to minis, good luck with your start tomorrow. Just remember to drink lots of water to help keep you full and it'll help with your losses too. x


Doing it exante style :)
Hiya Clair :)

This diet great :) that stone will be gone in no time :)

Clair xx
hi clair *waves*, plenty of support here! I have an irritating uncle who makes comments about my (and everyone else he finds huge) weight. Next time he says anything, I'm going to say "ah but I'm losing weight, whereas you'll always be a knob!"


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Hey Clair! Welcome :)

Ugh, I hate people who comment on weight, it's not like we'd go up to someone and mention the ugliest part of them is it? I deal with it by smiling sweetly at them and in my head thinking "yeah, I might be fat, but you have a big nose/googly eyes/manky skin/bad breath (though I'm hardly one to talk with the ketosis at the moment! :D)" to make myself feel better! Haha bad person much? :p xxx
Hi everyone!
Thanks so much for your support, I'm determined to do it this time and will be making my first shake in a few minutes. Lol Gina and Jennie about what to say back, I think everyone must have an uncle like that! I'm going to take Carlys advice and try to start a diary in the diary section so I can keep track of how I'm doing. I've just got to stay away from the fridge, it looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of cleaning today!!:)
hiya clair

Im eagerly awaiting my delivery and will be starting tomorrow too, id be glad of a diet buddy.

ill look out for you tomorrow, raring to go atm

shona xx
Hi, I've just joined the forum today, although have been trying ot diet for 3 days now (but keep slipping in the evenings) determined to make today my first full day of sticking to it. I'll keep an eye out for your progress.

We can all help each other get into the right place in our heads to do this. x
hey ww, im in the wilds of ayrshire...us scots will be fine, were nothing if not stubborn...lol

roanne, claire, ill be looking out to see how you are both going on tomorrow.

shona xx

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