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Hi,just joined,need support please.

S: 22st5lb C: 22st5lb G: 12st5lb BMI: 50.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi all,
I have been doing SW on and off for years and years,sometimes losing big amounts of weight,but always putting it back on again.My main problem is that i am an over eater.When i am on the plan i have willpower and stick to it 100%,but when i fall off the wagon i just eat for England,like its my last day on earth.Today is my 3rd good day again so am really hoping nothing pushes me off this time and i reach my goal.I need to lost about 7 stone.
Does anyone else out there have my problem with overeating,and i dont mean just eating more than we should,we all do that to some extent otherwise we wouldnt be on the forum,but i mean eating whole cornflake tarts in one go,two lots of fish and chips in one sitting follwed by a whole lemon sponge.And 15 bags of crisps in one go followed by family size bars of chocolate?? I know its not normal and i have to kick the habbit!

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Hi and welcome. Take the diet one day at a time. Make sure you write everything down. Do you count your syns weekly or daily?

The only way i can cope with the overeating is not to buy the goodies in the first place and if I do I make sure it is a type that i am not struck on.

Irene xx

miss bee

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S: 20st2lb
hi lotstolose:)
oh i do recognise myself there,in amongst the chips,crisps and chooccy bars!:eek:
agree totally with ireneH about not having the junk in the house.
if it's there in the fridge,i just cant trust myself!
half my battle is won in the supermarket.
i know i'm still over eating from time to time,but 10 cal jellies and fat free yog's with fruit till it's coming out of your ears,has got to be less damaging than a cadbury family bar(or five!):D
thats the way i look at it.
and also remember that falling off the wagon happens,but it doesent ever have to be more than a day or two,and then we can get back on.:)

good luck to you with it.dont forget we're here battling with you too.


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S: 19st8lb C: 17st5.5lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 2st2.5lb(11.13%)
Oh yes I relate to what you are talking about lot2lose, I used to have an appetite that put an Irish navvy to shame, no offence to them, but I would eat a dinner they would be proud of them go for seconds :eek:

I know a lot o people, especially the members who on this Forum, don't believe in pills etc; which I respect but............

I tried last yeara natural product called "hoodia gordonii". It is a natural extract from a cactus and sounds quite unbelievable but it has worked for me, and note I do say it worked for me. My Doc didn't mock it and as it has no known side effects I carried on and it did cut my appetite down.

When I started on Xenical I was OK but after a month or so I got the "hungers" again so last month I started back on hoodia gordonii and it is working for me, and I can only emphasise it is working for me!
hello lotstolose
I could have written this post myself about being a compulsive overeater I to like you could easily eat an entire cake to myself then go back looking what biscuits are in the cupboard I also have about 7 stone to loose and am finding it quite daunting at the prospect of how much time it will take me to loose it but since slimming world have introduced the extra easy plan it has made life much easier to bear.
I joined this time in June and have lost 2 stone I have in the past been a member of various slimming clubs at least 30-40 times I have told myself that this is last chance saloon I have wasted enough of my life and sometimes feel very annoyed at myself for allowing my weight to have come to this. good luck in your journey I have joined miniims today and have had loads of fun reading of peoples successes hopefully that will be me and you one day
Lots of Love

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