Hi :-) just starting slimming world xx

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by Lyndsay85, 20 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lyndsay85

    Lyndsay85 Member

    Im new to minimins, any other veggies on slimming world green plan? Would love any tips u could share with me ;-)
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  3. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    Hi Lyndsay!

    I'm doing SW too, I'm not a veggie but I do like Green days so tend to do a mix of them along with Extra Easy.

    How are you finding it so far?
  4. Lyndsay85

    Lyndsay85 Member

    Thanks janey, almost time for my first weigh in... but im finding it pretty much second nature already, hopefully my weight will let me know if im doing ok :) good luck on your journey too
  5. Lyndsay85

    Lyndsay85 Member

    -3lb feeling good about it again was so nervous about my weigh in but here goes week 2, one week at a time :) xx
  6. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    Well done on your loss this week!
  7. Lyndsay85

    Lyndsay85 Member

    Week 2 done and another wee loss of 2 1/2 lbs :) hope I can keep this up???
  8. Lyndsay85

    Lyndsay85 Member

    Thanks janey, I feel very pleased with myself, I actually have more energy and have started going walking, despite the cold weather :)
  9. Lyndsay85

    Lyndsay85 Member

    Weigh in 2moro, went out for dinner yesterday but as long as i don't gain ill b happy! :)
  10. Lyndsay85

    Lyndsay85 Member

    I maintained this week and I'm happy because i thought i would've gained so back on track for me this week :)
  11. Lyndsay85

    Lyndsay85 Member

    Total of 9lbs lost so far :) i have dropped a dress size already... havent been this weight since 2008, really happy x
  12. xxpinkladyxx

    xxpinkladyxx Full Member

    That's brill, keep it up :)
  13. Bee32

    Bee32 Full Member

    Hi, well done. I think SW is the best diet I have ever tried. Have lost just over a stone in 5 weeks.
    Good luck x
  14. becca86sw

    becca86sw New Member

    Hi I started slimming world 5 weeks ago and have lost 15lb mainly doing green days, I'm not vegetarian but can get by without meat and found that eating carb and protein together was slowing my weight loss down, I ate lots of fruit salads, pasta and rice, egg noodles and stir frys, I make veg stew free of syns and vegetables curry and chilli, do you like quorn? That is ok on sw but unfortunately I can't eat it which is a shame. Good luck on your weight loss :)

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