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Hi ladies :))

Hi i'm Denise, new to the forum but not new to PCOS unfortunately!!

I was diagnosed in 2003 after ttc for over a year. I have all the lovely symptoms, excess weight, excess hair and no periods :rolleyes:

Weightloss does help my symptoms though as I conceived my first son in 1999 before gaining over 6 stones, lost 2 stone in 2005 and had my gorgeous baby girl in March 2006 followed by another boy in January 2007...I'll let you do the maths hehe!

I'm not on any treatment for PCOS but I am being prescribed Xenical to help the weightloss....I'm thinking of asking my GP about Metformin at my next appointment to see if it's possible to try it alongside Xenical to help the PCOS :confused:

Anyway, that's me....hello and I look forward to chatting to you all :D
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Hi Neesie!

You're like me-relatively new to the forum but definately not to pcos :(

Luckily I haven't got all of the symptoms-I do have the weight gain though! The pill helped me regulate my periods which was fine as I am only 24 and don't have any plans for children just yet! I am finding it really difficult to lose weight which I am told could be caused by the pill so I am considering coming off it and trying metformin.

How does Xenical work? I've never even heard of it!

How is the low cal going? xx
Hiya :D

Xenical is also known as Alli if you buy it over the counter....it works by releasing enzymes which stop a third of the fat you eat in a meal from being digested....instead it's sent straight to the bowel which results in a not very pleasant trip to the loo lol...taken with relatively low fat foods though you avoid the loo visits ;)

The low cal is going great...mainly because, as I said above, it's not worth the hassle lol the side effects from the Xenical if i eat too much fat is pretty horrific and enough to sway me away from the cakes and choc!!



Green tea advocate!!
Hey both,

Ive been in this position - i was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 19. They put me on Metformin to begin with, it didn't really help me loose weight - just made me sick and gave me a terribly bad stomach, they then took me off this. I then tried the Implant and gained 4 stone; so they took that out and i went on the pill (lost about 2 stone on the pill).

Anyway, 2 months ago i decided i wanted to come off the pill and let my body regulate naturally, i had a rollercoaster coming off it (sickness, headaches, pain and ended up in hospital!) - since this tho i've lost heaps of weight since and i feel much better.

Sometimes i don't think these drugs help at all, i now believe it's better for your body to deal with it naturally and i think my weight loss is easing the symptoms! Best of luck with everything :)
Hey Neesie

Ahhhh Alli-now that name I do recognise! I heard about the not so nice loo visits (lol) so haven't tried that!

Glad it going well for you :) x
Hey Crazybecky5

I've heard that metformin can make you feel unwell to begin with. I also heard that when on it you are more likely to become pregnant-that is why I have stayed away. Also, I wanted to try to do it my way without taking tablets. I'm on the pill as a contraceptive measure-not because of the pcos. The fact that you lost weight when coming off the pill makes me want to at least give it a go. At the end of the day if it doesn't work I can always go back on the pill.

I think you might be right about letting your body deal with everything naturally. I've got an appointment with my doctor next Wednesday so hopefully she can help me out a bit as well. Maybe I should just stop taking any drugs at all and see how I get on :)

Thanks for your help :) xx


Green tea advocate!!
No problems - it might be worth a go! It's certainly worked for me anyway :) I think sometimes pumping your body full of tablets can have the opposite effect - i too was on the pill for contraception aswell as for my PCOS, what scares me looking back is how powerful a little pill can be and the fact that i was so poorly after coming off it!

Best of luck with everything, you'll have to let us know how you get on :) x
Hi folks. I was prescribed Metformin for type 2 diabetes (my GP doesn't acknowledge my pcos as my bloods are normal). I found it gave me a regular bleed every 31 days, unfortunately I don't ovulate but hope weight loss will help

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