Hi, my name's Lee and I have a problem.


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I'm an 18-year-old, I live in Liverpool, I go to college, I'm an artsy kinda gal. I'd always been skinny but within the last year or two my weight shot up to over 10st. I managed to get it down to 10st by giving up all the junk food, and to 9st 7 by going to the gym. Unfortunately, I can't afford to go to the gym any more, so even though now I'm eating practically nuthin' I'm back to 10st. I got down to 9st 12 the other day, but am now inexplicably back to that hated number.

So I'm doing the Gillian McKeith thing - walking for hours, eating 1200 calories a day, avoiding saturated fats as well as sugar and gluten, five-a-day, exercising, taking emulsifiers, drinking gallons of water and green tea, no wheat, no white rice, no alcohol, no meat or poultry (I'm vegetarian anyways), not eating after 11pm, etc etc. I even quit drinking ages ago and went off the Pill. It's not working.

Why do I keep getting heavier??

PS, sorry, hi. Would love to hear from you, particularly if you love Joan Jett or bring inspiration!
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Call me Nicky xx
Hi, cant really offer much advice as I have a long way to go on my weightloss but wanted to say welcome.

You are well in the healthy BMI range so you seem to be doing everything right.

Sorry can't be of much help xx


Hot child in the city
G: 8st8lb
That's ok. It's nice to hear from somebody. And you look like you're doing really excellent! I'd be damn proud if it was me.


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Are your clothes getting looser but the scales weighing you heavier? If so, you are toning up and putting lean mass on instead of fat...if not then I have no idea, other than you're at a weight your body likes (like a weight loss plateau thingy)

Oh and your weight will fluctuate by 2 pounds here and there naturally...don't fret...to kick start weight loss, do some running and walking maybe or drop the calorie intake slightly one day per week or even raise it slightly...

I see we have similar goals, I want to get to 120 pounds by April next year, though, as I am doing intensive training at the gym and don't want weight loss to be my main aim...my weight seems to be stuck at 9 stone 8 pound mark...been here and down a couple of pounds for ages, despite various attempts to lean up more...


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I think if your body doesnt get the right nutrients or vitamins each day ya do end up gaining so maybe ya should rethink your food and eat sensibly. As others said ya seem to be in the right BMI so I can only put it down to that. All the best anyways


Hot child in the city
G: 8st8lb
Thanks ladies! I am eating a fairly balanced diet (though maybe not so many carbs), all these answers make sense though. Ta


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I totally agree with Starlight. Not eating enough can make you put on weight sounds weird but true. Up the walking you don't need to go to the gym, what about swimming. And keep a food diary looking carefully at what you are having. Are you trying to achieve an acceptable weight for your weight?

Irene xx


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Hi and :welcome: to Minimins :)


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no-one likes to admit it...but we all have a natural weight :hide:

and eating too little causes your body to go into starvation mode, so it stores all the food you do eat as fat and energy stores.

dont stress hun :flowers:...your perfectly healthy x