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Hi new and worrying :)


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i started xenical 10 days ago and i have lost no weight :(, i feel quite bunged up and bloated and a bit rubbish.

I have about 4stone to lose and at the moment i feel like it is impossible and that this wont work for me either.
I thought joining the site may gain me a little support to see that maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

A general days food would go something like:

either 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk or 2 slices wholemeal bread with beans

either jacket potato with beans or something like a low fat sandwich

i have been making things like quorn cottage pie, or quorn spag bol etc or even a low fat ready meal?

fruit or snack a jacks or crispbreads with extra light laughing cow cheese triangles.

am i completely on the wrong track?
i think i am still eating too much but i just sometimes feel like i cant help it!!

HELP lol

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Hi Vikki and welcome. This is quite a common complaint when just starting Xenical so you are not alone! Your food diary looks fine, the general rule being no food that has more than 5% fat and no more than 15% fat per meal. Are you drinking plenty? Often that can be a problem, try to get at least 2 litres a day. Good luck, this WILL work for you, we are all here to help so keep posting!

KB x


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thanks for the advice, i am drinking a fair amount, i know that i could drink more water!" i am terrible for drinking diet coke!!! oh and i love my cups of tea lol.

I really need this to work, and i know i need to retrain myself totally for the way i was eating before (any takeaway available to make being a mum of four who is at uni and also working 20 hours a week a little bit easier!!)

Busy girl! Also make sure you are eating enough and not putting your body into starvation mode. Have a look at "my fitness pal" online, if you put your details in you can find out how many calories you should be eating for you weight and height. You can also track your food and exercise there. A food diary is a great idea, I used to think I'd had a really healthy day until I saw it written down...
As you say, this is a lifestyle change, not a short term diet.

KB x


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i quite often have trouble, and get bunged up.... (think this is just my system)
ive now started taking green tea herbal tablets (as i dont know if i could stand the drink..) and ive been going quite often, and dont feel like i used to.
i am also taking a probiotic multivitiman too... so these might be things to try...
I get that problem all the time (being bunged up I mean) and it's usually because I'm not getting enough fruit or veg into my body - or a lack of water. Melon, strawberries and grapes a god-send because they're so sweet! I totally sympathise with the diet coke reliance! No-Sugar Ribena's a good way of getting more water into your system without really realising what you're drinking =) It's really disappointing when you don't lose weight but don't give up! It's far easier to go up than down, but far less rewarding =P!
Keep at it hun...you will see it start to come down if you follow these guys advice xx


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i will try the no sugar ribena thanks for that!

i know not drinking enough water is a big problem, i know it sounds stupid i have it in my head that it doesnt "count" if you put juice in it lol.

thanks for the boost, i hope i start loosing soon :)
good luck with your journey i have to say this is the best diet i have ever been on i have completly changed my attitude towards what i eat and have trained myself to eat 3 times a day b4 that i just snacked in the day and ate a big tea. i know its hard being at uni and all with the kids i was myself last year and i was a ballache lol
do u drink alcohol at all as there a lot of empty calories in that and also could it be time of the month x x x if u carry on as u are the weight will start coming off dont give in !!! i wish id done it last year for my wedding but i kept giving up !! im completly focused now i
wanna be a yummy mummy lol i hope u start feeling more positive soon x x


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i dont ever drink plain water.. (cant stand the stuff) so im always adding no added sugar squash (doesnt have to be ribina) and i drink almost 3-4 litres most days!
hi i read somewhere that drinking diet coke can stop you losing weight that could be your problem i would stick to either plain water or sugar free squash hope that helps debbie x
thanks for the replies.
I dont drink any alcohol really (v. boring i know).

i have been trying to drink more water/juice today so well see how i go with that. i am going to weigh myself tomorrow, as it will be my 2 week on xenicol, so fingers crossed i will have lost SOMETHING!!!



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i read somewhere that drinking diet coke can stop you losing weight that could be your problem
I was told the same when I was doing the Cambridge Diet a couple of years back. It was apparently to do with it being a diuretic. I was always sceptical, as I went onto decaffeinated tea for a couple of weeks (YUK!!) and saw no appreciable difference in weight loss. I've just googled it (see Caffeine Health Effects, Facts, Statistics, Addiction and Withdrawal on MedicineNet.com) and apparently there isn't even much evidence that caffeine is a diuretic, much less that it will harm a diet, unless used in excess. Some other medical websites say a MODERATE amount of caffeine can actually aid weight loss. MODERATE seems to be the key, though. Drink a lot of caffeinated drinks and the negatives outweight the positives, it seems. That's apparently the effect that large amounts of caffeine has in making your blood sugar peak, then trough, leading to cravings.

One thing I did learn on the Cambridge diet is that drinking 2-2.5 litres of water/liquid a day will aid weightloss but 4 litres of liquid per day can increase your weight loss by a lb or two per week - this does appear to be good advice, just wish I could manage it myself when I'm busy at work. More than about 5 litres is dangerous though, it reduces the electrolytes (salts) in your blood too much, which is VERY bad for you.


But you can call me Elise
Oops, meant to add, if you are exercising hard and not losing weight, try measuring yourself for motivation. I've lost very little weight in the last couple of weeks, but I have lost about 2.5" around the waist in the last month, so that and the way my clothes are so much slacker are keeping me on track by realising that my low-fat/low-cal diet is having big benefits.

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