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Hi new here,need some advice and help,on day 3

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Hi I'm starting again and need some help and advice
I did Slim and Save a few years ago for a week,along with my ex partner,he got into ketosis really quickly.

I was on it for a week and it never kicked in for me.

Does it sometimes take longer for some people?

Im about to start day 3 of 100%, I think maybe I'm-not as hungry as I was on day one. Been having a shake for breakfast, a meal for lunch and dinner IYSWIM. then another shake at night.

Trying to keep away from the bars until ketosis has kicked in, I'm drinking my 3 litres of water each day,easily.
I do have one cup of tea in the morning with skimmed milk and 2 hermasetas (sp?), could that be slowly me down getting into ketosis. I have a cup or 2 or peppermint tea in the afternoon,but only a small one with one hermaseta in.

will exercise help,I've googled and been getting conflicting reports, I want to do the 30 day shred as it help me lose weight last year,can I do it with slim and save.

Im getting near to the end of my weeks supply,I just don't know if I can justify buying another weekly supply,if I'm not going to get into ketosis

Also would taking raspberry ketone pills things help?

sorry for the essay,thanks for reading x
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Caffeine can delay it for some people. Try knocking the tea on the head for the first week?
S: 13st8lb C: 13st6lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st2lb(1.05%)
Thank you so much replying,will do that.

May have to have my peppermint instead,there's no caffeine,just herbs, 0.3g of carbs but if I have one a day,hopefully should be fine. I need tea in the morning lol. I admit to slight slip up,I ate 8 big choccy buttons. Done a fair bit of walking today to hopefully that'll shift them.

Thanks again,your reply,stopped me giving up completely,I have no will power xx
Yes I have also read that caffeine can slow people down getting into ketosis so I'm not going to be having any for the first week. I always feel I'm quite slow to get into ketosis anyway, compared to others, I think it takes me a good week.


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Hi and welcome

I'd say no to the raspberry leaf things. Best not to add things into the mix when it should work as it is.

Also exercise really seems to stall people and think the 30 day shred is too much unless you have been doing high intensity exercise. Only light exercise seems to be recommended and I doubt you'll feel like it for a few days.

The caffeine never affected me but I know it can for a lot of people.

If I was you I would relax about ketosis and give it another week at least. By then you will have seen some good results and be motivated to carry on. I know some people have said 6 days to get into it. I think it's almost impossible not to be in ketosis if you are just eating four packs.


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Hello, I'm a 6-dayer. Takes me a good 6 days and sometimes 7 days to get into ketosis. It's such a struggle for me to get through days 3,4 and 5 but usually distraction and water and coming on this forum helps.
I have decaf tea which I've always drank as too much caffeine gives me horrendous headaches-I too can't live without my morning cuppa!! Maybe switch to decaf and then you can still enjoy your luxury without risking stalling the ketosis?

As for exercise - gentle exercise is great while on this - walking, swimming, yoga, etc, and also toning like squats, planks. But listen to your body.

Indulge in lots of nice pampering: bubble baths, early nights, painting nails, etc to keep you distracted but also to make you feel good too. ;)

Good luck hun, you CAN do this. Hour by hour, day by day and you'll be in ketosis before you know it.

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It can take up for to a week for ketosis to kick in. When I did this before with a male friend, he was in ketosis a lot sooner than me - the weight also fell off him more quickly. Men have faster metabolisms.

The Rasbery Ketone things are a load of rubbish - I'd say avoid.

I'm on day 4 and just had the most stupid blip - at work and ate a caramel slice out of boredom!

I shall continue as normal and have a shake for dinner!!!

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