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Hi new i am 2 this site



Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi Naomi welcome to the site, how much have you lost so far? i havn't done AAM week yet but i belive the peoples losses are still very good. Good luck.
Hi Tracie

Well since starting CD i have lost 11lbs and i am now on day 18. I weigh on a Monday so i am hoping for at least 4lb loss but i will see i guess.

How is it going for you?


Still Climbing That Hill!
11lbs is great naomi well done :D:D

Im on day 11 i lost 10lbs in my first week :)


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
I have been told by my CDC, that AAMW (or add a morsel) will not affect weight loss, as it is just mainly protein that is burnt up really quick, plus you really are not eating that much... 1/3 chicken breast and 2 tbsp of veg or salad!!!!

Keep up the good work, you are doing really really well!!



Have a serene day!!
Hiya Naomi and welcome - I am given to understand that AAM will not stop you losing in fact it kicks your metabolic rate up so no problemo!!!

Well done on your fantastic lose so far!!

Thanx for the replies everyone. You all seem to be doing really great.
Another thing i found is that when i got on the scales this morning i was still 12st 12lb like i was on Monday. How can this possibly mean that i will have lost 3 or 4lbs by Monday, i am not very happy right now :mad:


Staff member
Hi naomi,

You have lost 21lbs. already in a short space of time and it is normal to not move one week on the scales. But you will see a difference the following week.

But between now and Monday you could still have a drop of weight.

If your due totm...then that also can influence your weight loss as you retain water.

Have a look at weigh in thread in the weigh in forum and see how the weight comes off others and you will see everyone does lose weight so very differently.


If the scales are getting to you it is best to leave the weigh in to your CDC and to also look at your weight overall for the month.

The guidlines for weight loss on a vlcd is one stone a month for a woman and for a man one and half stone, this can vary up and down.

Love Mini xxx

Some people find that they lose less overall weight on an AAM week as the body may retain a little water, but even if you do then the next week the water will flush and you will see a good loss.

Hence always do AAM and don't worry too much about what the scales tell you.


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