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Hi new to calorie counting and to site!

Hi all! On monday I started with calorie counting, i've never tried it before as it always seemed like hard work but as nothing else was working for me i am giving it a go!! Although I am confused as to how many calories I should have a day to lose weight, at the moment I am currently trying to stick to 1000 (ish) and have started having my main meal at lunch time instead of in the evenings.
I am 5'10" and on Monday I weighed in at 14.10. My target weight is 11st which I think would be fine for my height, I wouldnt like to be too thin!!
Anyway any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated :party0011:

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Hi VQueen! Welcome. I am a newbie too, and I started calorie counting on Monday. A lot of the people here use Food Focus as a way of counting cals, working out daily allowance etc. I am no expert so wouldn't like to comment, but there are a lot of experienced people on this forum who will be along to help soon I'm sure.:superwoman:

Good luck, and keep us posted :character00148:

I have just registered with food focus and put in all the foods i have eaten this week, its averaging around 800 a day which is less than i thought, means i can have a hot chocolate every night now !!! xxx
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Hiya welcome to minimins. A lot of people recommend food focus to help them it's free of charge to use.If you need any help just shout I'm here like every day lol


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Your stats are similar to me, and tbh i'm eating about 1600 a day based on food focus recommendation.

It seems to be alot compared to other ppls intake i have seen on here, but i am really full up and not snacking on those high cal foods we all love, and i have lost 2 pounds in last few days. Which is a huge achievment for me.
my weigh in day is going to be monday i had a sneaky peek this morning and i seem to have lost 3lb already, just hope i dont blow it over the weekend which is usually my downfall. i feel a lot less bloated though and can actually put my jeans on without having to breathe in and fight for breath!! this is the first healthy eating plan that i think i can follow without stressing too much!!xx


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I've been using FF for 10mths now and love it! Logging what I eat (and I log every bite!) means I can't hide from the 'hidden' calories that I nibbled every day, deluding myself that I was only eating "x" amount! LOL! I'm glad to see that you're not tempted to stop at a lower cal count than you're 'allowed'- starving yourself definately isnt the way to go! So enjoy the hot Chocolate! (remember you can make it with skimmed milk/water to reduce the cals!)

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