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Hi everyone!

I am going to start LipoTrim tomorrow and I am so excited! I got the shakes and soup from the Pharmacy today and had a nice 'last' meal to celebrate!

I am quite heavy and I am aiming to be a size 14 (am currently a 20/22) as I'm not too concerned about how much I weigh in the end, I just want to be healthier and LOOK a certain way :D

Any advice and support would be gratefully received as I know this will be hard at times and I am having a great time reading through the LipoTrim forums!

Good Luck to every one and thanks in advance for the help xx
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I fell off in January and it's sooo hard to get back on my lovely, so stick with it first time as it is soooo amazing for weight loss, I'm there tomorrow, 10 weeks till my wedding! Eek! Good luck x I love the choc shakes, vanilla is ok, I'm quite boring with them but sometimes add cool peppermint tea to my choc shake and black coffee to my vanilla shake, it's trial and error but persevere through the first couple of days and you'll be fine, it's exciting, see it as a journey to a new you! This is the LAST time you'll be the weight you are, good luck x


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Nicynoo.... good luck for tomorrow starting LT. Wave goodbye to the old u and look forward to the new one!!!
The few days are tough but make sure when you are feeling low or craving that you come on here.... it helps soo much!!!
We are all going through this together!!!

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Good luck. Any problems, post here. You'll always get advice and support from someone.
Good Morning!!

Ok so I have officially started Lipotrim!! I started this morning with my first shake which was strawberry flavour. I was, if I am honest, a bit shocked to how er.... nasty it was! I crushed some ice into it and it tasted soooooo much better! I guess my taste buds need to get used to it and by next week I hope I'll like them better, a straw helps too!

I am just so excited thinking of how I will look and feel when I am a few stones lighter, the taste really wont put me off!

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and I hope I'll be a support to you as you have been to me x
Hi Nicynoo, its always so exciting to get a new member join and start their journey along side ours, the 1st week can be really hard so be prepared, I found I wasnt too hungry but the craving for food was still huge! I am a big grazer and thats what I found hard, not being able to pick!! Try and think to urself when you most get the munchies, mine is in the evening, so I make sure I have a chicken soup around 8pm so im not as tempted, I dont usually eat breakfast so just have a pint of water and black coffees till my 1st shake around 11:30 am, 2nd one around 4pm. Keep busy, clean, pamper yourself, read a book etc.
I have managed to stay 100% apart from my Totm when I was sooo in need for food I had a tin of tuna, so if you really really have to eat, try protein as it wont take you out of ketosis but will have calories so slow the weight loss down. I hope you do well, we are all here for each other, good luck x

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Welcome Nickynoo. You get used to the taste after a while, honest! Hope all goes well for you this week. You sound in a really positive, determined frame of mind. I think you will do very well on this diet. Good luck to you. :D
Hi nicynoo I'm on day 7 of lipotrim and Weigh in is tomorrow

My first week was awful but the folks on here really helped so anything you need help with just ask it's the support that has got me through week 1 :)

Good luck :)

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