Hi, newbie here!


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Welcome to Minimins :)


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Welcome to Minimins Sam :D:D:D


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Hi Sam and :welcome: to Minimins. Good luck with your weight loss journey :) xxx


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Hiya and welcome to minimins, ya have defintely come to the right place to find the right plan, theres every diet under the sun here so ask as many questions as ya feel and everyone will be glad to give ya advice. I am on lipotrim which is vlcd(very low calorie diet) which contains having 3 replacement food packets a day. I chose this diet basically as I wanted to lose weight quickly and moreso of a boost to get me going. Its similar to cambridge diet although I have to admit there are more flavours on that including porridge yum! It really depends on the individual on what ya would like to do so I am wishing ya loads of success and I hope it works out for ya. Take care and dont forget to let us know what ya have decided to go with, either way ya will get the support ya need on here!!


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Hey Samantha
Have you heard of Abs Diet? Works for me, and many people. Have a look at my post on 'other diets' forum.
Good luck with your goal;)