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Attack Hi Newbie Question..Ham

Hi all :wavey:

Myself and my o/h are starting this diet on monday. I think i am pretty much set with meals and snacks etc (thanks to this forum and the book) but i am a little confused over what ham to buy.

i think it's probably something like Tesco's finest thick cut and if this is the case can i buy a large piece of gammon, boil it in water and then roast it? No additives or honey roast dressing just plain boiled then roasted ham? If i can which is better smoked or unsmoked?

Thank you
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Oh dear - I had ham on my first day. Still lost 2 lbs, but didn't realise it wasn't allowed. What about bacon with all the rind cut off? I was going to have that in my lunch today! (Am on third and final day of attack).
sadly ham is not really allowed as it is too salty ....unless dr d has yet again changed it to pander to the few...
it can be used for emergancies so dont beat yourself up over it
I ate ham it says you can aslong as its lean and low on salt. Ive been buying lean low salt ham from tescos since I started 3 weeks ago and ive lost weight. No bacon. I also brought ham joint soaked it overnight to get salt out and then boiled it half way through changed water to make sure low salt levels x


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Wow, wish I had the book and wonder why its so different when your coached? My husband may have stuck to it if there was ham on it! Hee, hee - he barely made it 3 days... very good to know as I'm making a breakfast casserole as part of our Royal Wedding festivities and was thinking I'd pick out all the ham I put in and now I don't have to (I'm on cruise btw)! Woohoo. :D

So glad you posted the question Jezzebell!
you need to check the salt the prepacked stuff is a no cooking your own is good ...but then each to their own Im sure the new book is the one alot of people are following nowdays
Hello everyone. Just in response to the first message, I have been eating lean ham and bacon without the fat cut off, I don't eat much of it though as I find it very salty. But I've still managed to lose weight eating it x
sadly dr dukan has written a few books or revised his books and they change certain things each time ....
dont anyone get upset or annoyed when the dukan ladies who havebeen here a while offer one set of advice when new dukaners offer different ones ...old and new dukan conflict each other in some respect ....however yes some of us do get very annoyed when new dukaner come in saying its ok to break the dukan rules and one bit of this wont hurt and one bit of that as thats just undermining the whole of this forum and what the ladies who have been here from the strat helping new duckaneers through......
Its interesting to hear the new book rules , for us old timers ,just not the cheating ideas
If your message was in response to me I wasn't talking about cheating, i've gone off the book and what my dad ate on the diet. I was just saying what I have been eating and commented that I hadn't had any problems with it. I wasn't say it was right or better.
sorry wasnt talking about the bacon issue just lately a few people have come in and said ....oh dont worry about having this here and this there and you will be fine ...which is ok if thats how you want to diet , but as this is a dukan diet forum than surely people should be following dukan ...
there have been some people on here for a long time , ive been here nearly a year , there are a few longer servers ....who just want to see people follow the diet not look for ways round it and broadcast it to everyone as a good thing , as too be honest they then may as well be following a low carb diet instead


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well said scrumper, at the end of the day, there are people on this forum who have been doing dukan for a long time, and through trial and error have found that some things that appear in the book don't necessarily work in practice. one of the great purposes of this forum is that they're able to offer this advice to people who are not as familiar with the diet, and so save them the heartache of wondering why they're stalling when they think they're doing everything correctly.

whilst some people might prefer to learn these things the hard way when we suggest that something or other might not be the best idea on dukan there's a really good reason for us saying it!
Yeah I know what you mean. To be honest with other diets I have normally cheated and i think most people do but with this one I really don't want to and more to the point I don't feel like I have to... If that makes sense.

It's the first time ive ever enjoyed actually trying to lose weight and cheating hasn't helped me in the past so I wanna stick to it properly. But I know what you mean, I know people (in real life, not on here) who say well I'll have this and then just do attack for a few days and they even said it to me when I first started 'if you slip up just do attack for a few days' but I don't wanna hear that! So I totally get where you are coming from. I hope this makes sense it's very late lol.

Like I said i've learnt from my dad, the book and my online research (tho I'd like to point out my dad has never told me to go on attack if I slip up. He followed in religiously and is now on consolidation, I'm so proud of him it's very inspiring)

Okay so I'm waffling now... I always do this lol. Sorry
3 stone. He started in June last year so has done really well considering he is in his late fifties and doesn't exercise (I say that because it apparently gets harder to lose weight when you reach tht age, or so I'm told) i think it makes a difference seeing someone else you know losing weight. Shows me that it definately works if you know what I mean.

I'm hoping I'll lose it quicker than him though as I walk to and from work everyday, have been going to zumba for almost a year and have my body tone class once a week. Hoping the extra activity will help me with a steady weight loss.

What stage are you in, if u don't mind me asking? Do you feel you need to pee alot?I'm constantly needing the loo nowadays lol

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