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hi newbie

irishlady said:
hi i need help with sticking to my diet, have joined weight watchers and do find the propoints better than the old point system, but still need support. any help will do thanx
Hi! Welcome. These boards are fab for getting the help you need. I'm finding reading veryone elses losses really motivational x

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it's great here,,always someone around to answer any questions:)
Hello to a fellow Deise WW member.

I am sitting here having a bowl of butternut squash & red pepper soup and it yummy, and no PP.
hi waterford where do you live in the city or rural area? Im vegaterian and finding it hard to do different meals so any suggestions
hi i need help with sticking to my diet, have joined weight watchers and do find the propoints better than the old point system, but still need support. any help will do thanx
Hi Irishlady, I'll keep an eye on you!!
Hope you keep that points book handy with your meal plans - no slacking. :D

Go to it sweetie!!
Hi Irishlady, stick with it, I know how hard it can be. I'm starting my journey on Tuesday and I will need loads of help and support. I'll let you know how my first week goes. We CAN do this x
hi irish lady, i just started ww propoints on thursday and had done old points system too!for my first week im loading up on loads of veggies, 0points soup, salads wit chicken breast(only 4pp), get a good brekkie porridge nd fruit!i think if i start of like this it will get me in healthy mode!just make sure to stay satisfied but wit 0pp fruit and veg!hope u get on great!!
I will just answer this in place of IL.
She does not have a web site but has her own diary which I'm afraid you cannot access till you have 50 posts. She is a wiz at the pp calculations and I will pass on your comments to her.
It would be helpful if you opened your contacts details as she could then get in touch with you.
HI ALL im going back to ww today done old points system before and also did pro points couple of months ago but slipped off track also found because i had more points this time i tend to end up eating crisps and choclate to use my pro points up which is not good i think any tips on using my pro points better this time round ?
Hi IL iv been doing ww plan for 10 wks n lost 17lb so far without any hunger or denial of food and drink that i love ξ€Ž for me the iphone app is invaluable as a tracker n i even point up labels of food in supermarket before i buy n dont buy if they are too high! Another healthy hearty thing ive found which r low pp are the innocent veggie pot meals! Im not vegetarian n luv my meat but these are delicious and handy to have in the fridge for a satisfying meal n they count as 3 of ur 5 a day.. My fave is mexican chilli sweet potato 8pp but the thai curry is only 6 pp bargain lol ξ€Žξ€Žξ€Ž:p
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Hi see my comments re innocent veg pots! Also very satisfying tasty filling lunch is ww mushroom omlette made ww way wiv 1 full egg n 2 egg whites only 3 pp n wiv a salad is a luvly meal  i sumtimes add onions 0 pp n a slice of ham 1 pp or a small slice of bacon 2 pp xx
hi nadies 67 got a message from emaline to say you had written :D I actually forgot i had started this thread as i had set up a diary ;) but we can keep in contact through this one so when do you have your wi day? Im finding it great now that the weight has started to go, Im not hungry i dont worry if i dont use all the pp :rolleyes: and eat fruit till it comes out of my ears as i love it and found on old plan being counted i would tend to have a biscuit since it was same amount of points :D look forward to hearing from you
Hi IL thx for ur message.. My wi is a tuesday night and last week on my 12 week weigh in i got my 10% keyring yeyyy i had also lost an extra 2lbs on top making total weight loss to date 20 ans 1/2 lbs  im finding the plan sooo easy and my fave low pp breakfast is mushroom and onion omlette.. Have also made curried butternut squash soup this week as zero pp n its really yummy and great to freeze into portions for work! Good luck wiv plan and yep the zero fruit is a huuuge bonus ξ€Žξ€Žξ€Ž

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