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Hi.. not really Cambridge but could do with some support!

Hi guys...

Ok, so I've been here before (and before and before lol)...

Had the whole roller-coaster of diets over the years, slimming world, rosemary conleys, atkins...

I got started with Cambridge a few years ago and was doing well on it, only to have to stop it due to other health concerns (I have a brain tumour illness that had to come first)...

In November last year I was put on Xenical by a doc and again had a good month until my illness had bad timing again and I had to stop for that reason...

Well, the reason I'm back now is that due to my illness deteriorating I had major brain surgery about 4 weeks ago... Cutting it brief, it all went wrong, and I had a stroke. The result was I had no speech, paralysis down one side and damage to my neck. Now most has come back 90% and I'm making a good recovery... phew!...

The only thing that hasn't come back yet is my control over my neck paralysis... and becuase of this I can no longer eat or drink...

For the past month I've had to have a feeding tube in and fed through a syringe... this fortunately came out this Thursday... and I'm now living on a diet of shakes that's very similar to the Cambridge diet, as prescribed by the hospital, as I can manage small sips through a straw now.

The hospital were pretty much 'your tube's out now, you can live off the shakes all your life... cya'!! which pretty much sucks... so I've found myself all alone facing this mammoth uncertain future, perhaps with no food ever again...
and to say I'm scared and unsure and down would be an understatement...

I wanted to come on here and see if it would be ok for me to come on and share and join in, even tho not really doing the diet - tho I am losing weight now at a rate of 2.5 kgs a week... as I really need some support from people who are in the same boat and not eating just having shakes, even tho I know you guys do it voluntarily and mine isn't my choice...

The only thing keeping me sane about this whole not eating thing at the moment is the fact that it is helping me to lose weight and as I'm getting married in 2012, maybe I'll eventually get into that size 10 wedding dress of my dreams lol

So... that's my tale, and I hope to talk to you all soon...

Clair x
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I'm so sorry to hear of everything that you have been going through and are still going through.

Of course you can count on support on here even though you are "technically" not on a diet.

I for one am looking forward to chatting to you on here.

Are you home from hospital?


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Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry to hear what you've been through and I wish you a speedy recovery. Everyone is welcome on these forums, and if we can help and support you, we will.
Take care. :)
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what a hard time of it. i really feel for you. my mum's had 5 strokes of different degrees, her first one was 19 years ago when i was just 17 (no brain tumour, just her bp when too high) but it's affected her speak and her balance. it must be hard not being able to even contemplating eating again. just focus on the positive of loosing weight and getting married. remember we are all here for you.


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Darling girl, what an ordeal!
Course you can join in. I think we are a great bunch. I love all the girls on here and so will you x
See you around, brave girl x


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Hello beautiful lady,

a huge welcome and an even huger hug!!

firstly - you are one strong lady! sounds like you have fought this tooth and nail, and so so glad you are on the mend...

secondly - bravo to the hospital for being so understadning - not!

You will get all the support you need round here sweet...

i personally love being on shakes, but i suppose thats as i chose to do it... i expect it will take time for you to find peace with your new life... but try and embrace it and see the weight loss as a huge positive that will hopefully outweigh the negatives...

hope you have a speedy recovery and get to grips with this new life very soon chick xxxxxxx


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hey hun, sorry youve had to go thru so much

have you been seen by speach and language to have your swallow assessed?

my daughters had a feeding tube in since she was born ( shes 5 and a half now ) and they had pretty much given up hope of her eating and it was expected she would be tube fed for life with "tastes" of purees. they even operated to have her feeding tube put straight thru her stomach wall.
weve had SALT input for the whole time, some good, some not so much but they gave us alot of help and constantly assessed if her swallow was safe or compromised and madam now can eat pretty much anything thats mushed up for her

long winded i know but if your not getting input from a SALT who specialises in feeding problems then i would push to be seen


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So sorry to hear about your ordeal :( To say what you are going through you sound very strong! Everyone is lovely here so you are more than welcome :)


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hey hun

sorry to hear you have been having such a rough ride! heres a warm welcome n big hug.

the more the merrier on this journey! please keep us posted with all your progress weight loss and otherwise