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hi possible newbie

hi, im thinking of doing lipotrim, ive done ww and now currently doing sw. but only losing half a lb a week is very depressing.. i dont have patience to wait. i want the weight off faster lol. im so fed up being fat. if i could lose up to 3 to 4 lbs a week then id glady give up food. lol.. but just wanting some pro's and con's from you lovely people about the plan...

where do i buy the shakes etc? and how much are they?

many thanks x
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You would need to get the shakes from a pharmacy that is doing the LT programme.

Here's a list of the participating pharmacies. Lipotrim - Participating Pharmacies

You would need to ask the pharmacy how much it is there, because for some reason we have noticed on here that different areas sometimes charge more for it. I am currently paying £36.00 a week for it.

I love this diet, I just find it really difficult and you don't realise how much you actually love food until you do it. The first week is by far the hardest, trying to get out of the habbits of just picking at food. Especially for me as I still have to cook dinners for my son. The hardest I found was not picking at things when I had made them.
Some people find on the first week that they feel dizzy slightly and get headaches, this soon passes after the first few days.
The only downside to this diet I personally find because I only like the chocolate shake, and I don't drink tea, coffee or peppermint (ect) That I am sick to death of the sight of water. lols.


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Pros - there are so many. I loved Lipotrim it was one of the best things i have done and it taught me alot.

Its £36 and available from selected chemists. You can find the closest one to where you live on the actual lipotrim website.

One thing i will say is dont set your heart on a certain amount of weight loss a week as this could lead to disapoinment. Go with what Lipotrim say - average 1st a month for a woman with the first month generally being a little higher.

Good luck with it chick :) x
Hi welcome, go for it says I.

Pros -Rapid weighloss, no cooking (unless your a nut like me who love it), no thought to required for daily food plan, Best pro -ketosis and the lack of hunger, I feel I can diet for years!!! Weekly weigh in where if you cheat and don't lose the pharmacist can stop your diet so its motivating.

Cons-some people dislike the shakes, I love em, limited choice of foods, no drinks except water or black tea/coffee, antisocial in that no meals out with people unless you go and dont eat!

Lastly I will say I have done weigh watchers, slimfast, scottish slimmers, and others and this is by far my fave. xxxx

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