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Hi There - My diary!

Well this is a restart for me, but i'm thinking of it as a new beginning

I have just finished Day 1 on SS and it's been fine, haven't been tempted to eat at all, even when OH was cooking one of my favourite things it didn't bother me (too much!!)

My cdc gave me a porridge to try and i have to admit i thought it was disgusting and promptly tipped it down the sink and had a cappachino shake which is yummy, for lunch i had butterscotch and for tea chocolate mint. Each time i make my shake up to 400ml so it gives me a bit extra water with no extra effort. So i have had that, 3 pints and a litre, not bad for day 1 i don't think, i think it must equate to nearly 3 litres so if i can stick to that every day i will be fine.

I'm going on holiday on the 25th May and ideally i would like to have lost 2 stone which i think is easily doable in 9 weeks, maybe even 3 but i'm taking one day at a time.

I take it i can do a diary this way or is there another way to do it?
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Hi im on week 5 now and not finding it too bad at the minute. The first time I tried the porridge I hated it but now I look forward to eating it. Put a splash of skimmed milk in it and the apple and cinnamon one is not to bad. Once I got used to it not being quakers oat I was ok.

Good luck
I had a porridge on my first week, it was just so incredibly salty I hated it. The texture was REALLY nice which made it a massive shame, I could easily eat one a day if it wasn't so salty tasting :(
The intensity of the salty taste lessened after a while? I wonder why that is. How long into the diet did it taste nice to you?
What a day, ordered a mattress to be delivered today took my last days holiday only for them to ring up and say there was a cock up and it hadn't been put on the van, 3 hours later and only just got through to customer services, shouted and my mattress arrived half an hour later!
hasn't done my diet any good at all, i had been really good all day 2 litres down, 2 shakes and i just fancied something so i ended up with 3 cream crakers and cheese slice, how pathetic is that, have just had my 3rd shake and am drinking at least another 2 litres tonight to make up for it

Question, have i messed it up already?
Also for some odd reason i thought i'd you know what on a ketosis stick to see what was going on, and it turned pink, does that mean i'm there already?

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