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Hi what can i eat on atkins diets ?????


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Look at the sticky called 'so you're thinking of starting atkins' - all your answers are there. The short version is : meat, green veg, eggs, cream and cheese.


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Hi thank you, woo your weight loss is great, how long have you been doing the diet for?
Ihad enough of these s shakes well hard diet to do when everyone is eating around me xx


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Are you using the phone app or website? On the website it's at the top of the page. On the app you click the stickies tab at the top. I lost nearly 2 stone in 10 weeks, but bear in mind that was including a big first week loss, which you won't have if you move from a vlcd (because you had it already on that). On average it's about 2 -3lbs a week for most people.
i average 4lb a week..... (see my stats below)

you can eat meat....eggs...cheese, greens, mayo, salad (green)......tbh if you look outside the box and make meals with the above then your all good....

moussaka made with lamb mince and aubergines,

cheese burger pie (see recipe thread)
MIM;s and whipped cream for those moments when a pudding is a MUST

hell baby...you can eat LOADS on atkins and STILL lose weight!!

Sumer and BBQ's are around the corner...ake sure you visit the butcher!!!
Hi Jo, if you go to the home page of minimins, scroll dow to other diets/ atkins, the stickies are at the top of the threads


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Hi all thanks im going to do this lipotrim for another week then changing, well missing the food now its one hard diet!!! Ive had a look at the recipes so cant wait to change over, Ive got alot to lose by august for my wedding. Does anyone know by me changing over diets will i put on any lbs????
I think there are a few on here who've changed over from lipo Jo
I wouldnt get too hung up on a gain in the first week , it may take your body time to adjust , but it will be worth it and even out in the end .

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