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hi ya... am back :)



Feeling great in 2012!
I managed to put on over 6 pounds during my week off but I've lost it all and more since getting back on track. Hope you had a great holiday :character00238:


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Good to see you back. Sending motivation to you to get back on track. Watch those pounds drop off!
Cheers gals, well got through day one! just ordering more stuff :) feeling soooo good! nice to get control back :)

been catching up and your all doing so great! chuffed for you all :)
Well done on getting back on it , must be hard after a break , but you can do it !!! :) went out with my daughter today and she was munching market chips~ god they smelt divine but I abstained ~ How good am I lol x
hi ladies, been awful! was good then BOOM! right off plan...... just cant face any of the products.....

I have now decided to start monday a fresh....... i really need to get my head straight and get my focus back like i had before....

Any words of wisdom appreciated :)

Thanks all... also kick in the behind helps too ;)


Feeling great in 2012!
Maybe do a week of 2 packs and a protein based low calorie meal with allowed veg to ease back into it? Better than being off plan completely. I'm finding it ok but that's what I will do if I can't stick 3 packs any longer.


Feeling great in 2012!
Oh, and consider yourself kicked ;)
I have been there and got the t-shirt hence the reason I havnt taken a break this time around (apart from a little slip the other week) Its going to be a very hard first week back but once you do it and get past the first week you will have a big weight loss and find it easier.

Christmas is approaching fast so make your mind up, do you want to be 20lb heavier or 20lb lighter? :)
Thanks ladies.......well i braved the scales and have now put one 9lbs! ouch! that hurt! 12st 12lbs....... was down to 12st 3lbs......... so angry with myself! so def dont wanna be any more! i am going get back on it! your right now got even more to lose!!

Once i have a week under my belt it will be cool :) I have a hen night next weekend.... But not going to drink coz i am organinsing it!

cheers 4 the kick! :)


Feeling great in 2012!
I was dreading getting back on the diet when I had my break as I knew I just couldn't get back on it last time I did LT, but apart from being damn hungry the first 2 days it didn't go too badly and I was surprised. The veg / salad was a real lifesaver for me. And the reward was that I lost all of my break weight gain and more at my first WI and am now still going down, and am lighter than I was before the break so that's what you need to focus on.

I read at the top of this thread that you are planning on 3 packs and a meal. So if you are going to do that then plan what you are going to eat in terms of meals before you start and stick to it, so that you have something approaching the discipline of the foodpacks. I think that the discipline is what most of here find easier to deal with than 'normal' diets as what we are having is not negotiable. I know from my own experience that once you start being given a choice of foods with calories or points to count I go off plan more or less from the get go because I can decide to have that biscuit or alcohol as long as it gets counted and then I decide I can have lots! :) So the rule on your revised form of the diet is that you can only have 3 packs plus a meal. And that meal can be a small, low calorie, low carb, protein based meal so you're looking at grilled chicken, plain fish, prawns or something similar that comes in at about 150 calories max plus the veg or salad from the allowance. You'll already have had your 3 packs, so had your normal quota for the day on this VLCD so unless you keep the meal to around the 200 calorie mark you will be moving on up into low calorie diet territory, not VLCD, and to be honest if you're going to do that you may as well do a normal LCD as I can think of many things for 150 calories that I would rather eat than a shake from the foodpack :). Remember the science behind the diet too. It's designed to put you in ketosis, which means less than 60g of carbs per day (or thereabouts), and at that point your hunger will be suppressed. If you go off plan and then try to get back on it day after day you'll be permanently hungry and then it's a vicious circle. So every piece of bread or biscuit will potentially work against you in terms of hunger.

If it helps, track what you're going to eat each day on here and record how you've done so that there is someone watching over you ;). Main thing is to keep your eye on the end goal which, after all, is what we're all here for, and use this board for support; it's what it's here for. I remember when I started to gain last time when I did LT I stopped posting to the forum I was on as I was ashamed, but all that happened was that I put the weight back on 'secretly', so do keep posting, because it means that you really do want to get back on track. :)

Wouldn't life be easy if we were all together on a tropical island with only foodpacks, sun and sea to worry about? (Well maybe some sexy hunks to serve the foodpacks to us as well ;) )


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Yes, yes, yes bordersgirl, book me a ticket on that flight. Of course water flavouring cocktails on ice are a must. Bit worried about bikini issues so a swimsuit with tummy control for me. Let's go!
Soontobeslim, here's to your restart today. Glug that water to fill up and get that bum back on track.
Hi Hun!

Im going to be back soon.....had a lot on and needed some time away, Im hovering over 10st 1lb (was down to 9.10)
I am waiting hubby to come home (after 6 months away!) so we can crack on together. I think he should be back by monday, all the packs are there ready to go.......

Good to see you back x

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