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Hi all,

I'm Toni, i was fairly slim until I hit 21 and then I managed to put 8 stone on over the next 8 years. But earlier this year my uncle died from a combination of diabetes and heart disease, he was only 60. It was a shock and gave me the kick I needed to really focus, I don't want to die at a young age.

So I've just restarted Slimming World using my old books (about 2yrs old), I can't afford to go to classes at the moment but I know I need to get working on the issue. But I really need the support you'd get from a class, so I did a search and found this forum, had a skim through and felt like I'd come home. It seems like a lovely, friendly and supportive place to be.

I started following the plan about 2 weeks ago and have already lost 6lbs, will be getting weighed tomorrow and am hoping to make it 1/2 stone.

I also just started running again, it's something I used to really enjoy but the bigger I got the less I wanted to run, as I just felt too fat and that everyone must be looking at me thinking "she's too fat to be running." Which I still think somewhere inside me, that's why I run at 6am when the park is empty. I'm sure people aren't thinking that in fact no-one probably even notices me but it's how I feel.

I've tried to lose weight in the past and got rid of some but then got bored with dieting and put back what I lost plus some extra. This time I'm determined to make it work, it's a change of lifestyle not just a diet.

Sorry, i went on more than I meant to there.

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Hi, I've literally just joined this site, and joined Slimming world last night. I was also on it 2 years ago, had some success, then gradually gained it all back, plus another 2 stone since then. So far, I think Slimming world is just the same as it used to be, but they now have something called Extra Easy - which combines all the free foods from both the original and green days. I'm following a 7 day eating plan from this for my first week. At first glance, it looks good but I might revert back to green days / red days - hoping for a good weight loss in my first week. Well done for losing 6lb so far though, its a bit harder when you dont have a class to attend, but its mind over matter - we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it (she says hopefully) Good luck! Gill


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Welcome to Minimins Toni and Gill :D:D:D

Nice to meet you both :)

Isis xx :)
Thanks all.

I like the sound of extra easy. Means you can have sheperds pie with lamb mince and beef lasagne. Very exciting. Will be giving that a go, I think it was in the last slimming world magazine.
hello and welcome, i've just joined the forum too. started sw 1 week ago and have been following extra easy, had my first weigh in yesterday, lost half a stone :)

good luck, you can do it, hope to see you around
hey and welcome :) i love your username x
hey and welcome :) i love your username x
Thanks. I use it whenever I sign up to a forum. It means a lot to me now.

Congrats on your amazing weightloss, you've done really well.

Well done Mel1981, 7lbs in your first week is fantastic.

thanks for the welcome Kristin1.


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hey wicca,
i have the newest slimming world books if you want them?
i no longer need them
hey wicca,
i have the newest slimming world books if you want them?
i no longer need them
Oh wow. That would be awesome if you're sure you don't need them?
hiya x
did you get my pm?
I don't have pm enabled yet (not enough posts yet), so I replied by email.

Its my name AT gmail
your very welcome :)

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