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Hi :-)

Hi to everyone, just thought i'd introduce myself and ask a few questions if that's OK. My name's Heather and I am planning to start to Atkins on Monday (after I've been paid so I can take a trip to the supermarket lol).

I've done quite a bit of reading up but can someone please just clarify something. In the induction period, you can have 20g of carbs a day - of which 12g must be made up of veg etc...right so far? So does this mean I have 8g a day left to eat whatever?? As for example, I've seen these 'muffins in a minute' which are about 8g carbs...so if I have this I can't have anything else this days containing carbs right?

Then you can also have olives/4oz cheese a day...is this ON TOP of the 20g or do you include it in it?

Sorry if this sounds a bit 'dim' I just want to be sure.

Thank You :p xxx
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Hi Heather and welcome.
It is actually amazing how much you can eat that are carb free or very low.
I think the Mims are only 3g of carbs.
If you go to the what are you eating today sticky it will give an idea what people are eating.
I tend to eat egg and bacon for breaky
Lunch is chicken thighs on there own.
Dinner is any meat in the freezer although at the moment its been half a chicken with broccoli and greens.
Snacks vary but generally cheesestings(0g) or pork crunchies(0.9g per 100g)
Everyone on here is a great support and will help and guide you in everyway shape and form.
Good luck and keep writing your diary abouts all your ups and downs and every single thing you put in your mouth.
hi and welcome to the forum....please do read the stickies at the top, they become your bible lol.....you can eat 20g of carbs in total....the majority of those need to come from green veg/salad....

youll make up the rest in mayo, mims, cream and butter mostly... if you find something low carb....make sure you share with everyone lol...
Anything that has carbs in counts in your 20g. 'free' foods are basically meat and eggs. Also despite what the book says, in the uk we don't deduct fibre from the total carbs.


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Hi Heather, Welcome to the forum. I too have only just started (week 2 of induction) and it is true what they say. The diet is amazing. I don't have sugar cravings, hunger and so eat considerably less than my partner who is on WW and because he is a man can eat more points then when I did it (we are both the same height).

Anyway the sticky above is great for info and the other ladies are dead right about the majority of 20g coming from veg and the rest in cream, cheese etc.. The mims are lovely and the cheeseburger pie so so tasty I have orders from non low-carbers!!!

I have found no carb sausage from Asda 97% pork sausages in the chilled display. You just have to remember that to get your net carbs per day, you take what it says on the label. If the product is from US, then you have to subtract the fibre from the total carbs to then get your net carb count.

The advice and support is invaluable in here. So much so that I can't think about going for a day without being on here. I too came from LL/CD to Atkins. I spent a week in between compensating for being on a vLCD. I had previously lost 5 stone in 2009 then spent 2010 gradually putting it back on with messing around with trying to do vLCD again. Couldn't get into 'the zone' so here I am and haven't regretted it. This is more sociable and the sugar and food obsession and preoccupation has gone...well apart from wanting to try the delicious recipes on the board.

Good luck we are here if you need us xx


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Hello fairybutterfly:wavey:

Good luck and this site is brilliant! As said before, look at the stickies and if in doubt ask!

Im on day 3 now and so far so good!!


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Hello Heather, welcome and good luck :)
Hi Kat,
welcome to the site. You will find lots of people on here willing to help and answer questions if ever your stuck.
Good luck.
Hi fairy :) I am just like you waiting til payday so I get my shop done and then begin. I have been reading here for a while and everyone seems so helpful and always ready to give advice (which i hope to take advantage of). I wish you luck in your journey and will definately see you here as I have a long way to go and am in it for the long haul :)
aww thank you all so much for the replies...it seems much better to have the support of people doing the same. I was doing slimming world diet but felt there was so much room to 'cheat' i couldn't stick to it so decided I needed something a little stricter. Really looking forward to starting, i'm a terrible carb eater though (pasta/pizza/bread/noodles my downfall!) but I always feel so bloated after eating these.

Will keep you all updated...ps if anyone invents carb free pancakes in the next week or so id be much grateful...pancake day is my fave day!! haha!



A thin person in disguise
Yum yum RB. Will get my order in now. As well as sugar free syrup ohhhhh lurvely xxxx