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S: 12st13lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st8lb(4.42%)
I'm Jaki and I joined on Thursday evening. Have to say I'm feeling a little over-whelmed getting my head round all the do's and don't so to speak! I'm sure it will get easier. You name it, I've done it...WW's, Lighterlife. I'm really hoping that SW will be the final "Eating plan" I'm going to have to do! I need to get away from the weighing/counting mentality and just see this as normal, sensible eating. The hardest thing will be the lack of bread...I LOVE it! Can someone tell me that if you make scrambled egg, if you put some marg/low fat spread in the pan 1st, is this counted as a syn? Won't the scrambled egg burn if you don't use some fat, or can you use spray light? I'm having trouble adding all the free foods to my plate! Also, if your having say a jacket potato & baked beans, should you really only have 1/2 a can of beans or is it ok to have the whole can? Stupid questions no doubt but best to ask! I bought one of the cook books & the magazine and have to say some of the recipes look lovely...only wish someone else in the household would cook them for me!!! :)
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Heya :)

Just thought I pop in and try and answer some of your questions.

Anything which has a syn value is synned regardless of how its used, so yes the marg would be synned. I always cook mine in the microwave with milk from my allowence.

Also, yes you can have a whole can, so long as you eat until your full :) but....if its extra easy day then you'll still need your super free as beans don't qualify.

I've cooked some gorgeous recipes out the cook books, enjoy and good luck!



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Your Q's have already been answered, but just wanted to say hi!

I've tried various diets over the years and SW is fantastic. Can't praise it enough.

This forum is fab too!
Hiya and welcome. I've too tried loads of different diets over the years including SW Red and Green days, but SW EE plan is by far the best. You're never hungry (unless you're doing it wrong or forget to eat). I've had a bit of a up and down year due to family health problems, but when i'm focused the weight defo flys off! GOod luck xxx
S: 12st13lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st8lb(4.42%)
Thanks everyone for your help & welcomes! I've just posted another introduction as I couldn't find this original message anywhere! As you can see I've just found it!


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Just for the scrambled eggs, I tend to use buttery fry light on the pan instead of marg :) Can't tell the difference....



Watch this space...
Welcome. :)

Re the scrambled eggs - I always make them with low fat marg and syn it as I prefer it that way. I tend to spend my syn allowance on main meals rather than chocolate/snacks so will use olive oil, lught mayo or marg if needed but it's really up to you.

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hello! welcome to sw! i think once you get your head round it its the best plan ever! i came on sw after a month on lipotrim and havent looked back. not been this happy on a diet (know i shouldnt say it) as we can eat loads and still lose weight!!

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